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Aj Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai – Abdul Rehman Khattak

Aj Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai – Abdul Rehman Khattak , It was great arrangement of khattak Dance and Patan Culture but at Lahore City. Shadi Mubak to Abdul Rehman and Saifu Rehman. It was great arrangement with Khattak Culture and Khattak dance at Shadi Hall Lahore City. 1000 of people enjoyed but I could not because of my sickness, The video made by my smart son who went along with family to attend both brothers and sister marriage program.

We can see culture of khattak in video,where many people came to attend abdu rehamnand saidfu rehamn shadi at shadi hal. Shadi is good part of new life to get start specially in young age when someone arranged. In Islamic religious shadi is main event of life. We can say shadi is actually start to get a family for long life. We also like some entertainment at the time of shadi in patan culture specially in khattak tribe. Without entertainment no one like shadi so that why some entertainment required at shadi program where everyone know about new life.

You can watch above video of khattak dance , it was not proper khattak dance but some environment was like as that, Dhool and whole team of merasi came to celebrate abdurehamn and siafu rehman marriage at shadi hall, Thanks for reading and watching of Aj Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai – Abdul Rehman Khattak shadi video, We have many others friends shadi video on shakr dara media website which you can enjoy for entertainment.
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