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Beautiful Natural Seen of Kamar Sar Close to Shakar Dara

Beautiful Natural Seen of Kamar Sar Close to Shakar Dara.  Kamar Sar is Close to Shakar Dara which is not only beautiful natural seen  but a main source of gas and petroleum area of Pakistan. Kamar Sar is located in mianwali district  which is close to Shakar Dara. Kamar Sar is beautiful natural seen at local area where people visiting to enjoy some part of life time, Natural beauty is available at Kamar Sar Close to Shakar Dara.

You can easy come from all over the world to visit Beautiful Natural Seen of Kamar Sar. But you must know that you will need to come along with your needs to sat at Beautiful Natural Area of Kamar Sar Close to Shakar Dara. Here few shops available for providing your some basic needs of life but not as you can expect like as other Beautiful Natural area. Here no good facilities available, No electricity available for normal usages or for commercial usage. Normally people use solar electricity for home lighting and for some mobile charges but not can be use for refrigerator or fridge equipments.

Look of Beautiful Natural Seen of Kamar Sar

Look of Beautiful Seen of Kamar  is great which you can watch in bellow video.Its mountain area of mianwali district where  where everywhere stone and tress available. its barani area of Mianwali district in Pakistan. Such areas where dry farming is practiced are referred to as barani. Normally people depend on rain for crops. At this Beautiful Natural Seen of Kamar Sar, you can stay as long as you want but no resurgent available where you can stay. You will need to find someone who know you and will help you to keep you as a guest for few days. Better you first search some of your friends or relatives before you visit to Beautiful Natural area of Kamar Sar. Weather of Beautiful Natural Seen of Kamar Sar Close to Shakar Dara good for enjoy your life.



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