Crude Oil and Gas Sources Energy Companies, But No Water for Drinking at Shakar Dara

Crude Oil and Gas Sources Energy Companies, But No Water for Drinking at Shakar Dara. We can see there are huge sources of oil and gas at shakar dara. Many Crude Oil and Gas Sources Energy Companies came to shakar dara But No Water for Drinking at Shakar Dara for people and for animal’s drinking. Shakar Dara was popular for water. I seen with my own eyes few years ago at shakar dara under 3 feet water was available for drinking but after Crude Oil and Gas Sources Energy Companies drilling at shakara dara for Crude Oil and Gas Sources now No Water for Drinking at Shakar Dara.

Now this is responsibility of Crude Oil and Gas Sources Energy Companies to arrange drinking water for Saghri and Bangi Khel Kahattak tribe at Shakar Dara and surrounding area but no any Crude Oil and Gas Sources Energy Companies arranges Drinking water at Shakar Dara for residential area. People of Shakar Dara facing problems in getting drinking water.People of shakar dara requested many time to Crude Oil and Gas Sources Energy Companies, they promised for some arrangement But No Water for Drinking at Shakar Dara so far.

KOHAT DISTRICT: The oil and gas rich but remote Shakardarra a big area town of Kohat is yet to get drinking water for residential despite orders & also commitments by the Prime Minister, Chief Ministers, Members of Parliament, OGDCL and Provincial Ministers in this regard from time to time.


Our Sources said that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa ministers had received millions Rupees as royalty from the Crude Oil and Gas Sources Energy Companies and oil and gas resources for shakar dara town during past few years, but they had not started any major project and also they were be fooling the shakar dara local people by making false promises of providing water facilities.

Many time minister visited the area last month and announced that he would supervise himself the drinking water provision project, but nothing was visible on the ground as they promised . Our sources said that ministers had been spending the royalty funds on petty projects of pavement of streets, hand pumps & repair of local roads. However, our elders of the local area said that the water project could not be compromised under any circumstances, former prime minister had asked the petroleum ministry that OGDCL should immediately provide drinking water facility at Shakar dara residential area.

They Feel cheated as those in power never fulfilled any promises


At Shakar Dara area also lacked other all major facilities like as hospital and roads, schools, colleges, but successive governments failed to honor their many promises. Former MNAs, Senator, who is the chairman of a sub-committee on Crude Oil and Gas Sources Energy Companies and oil and gas, and all former had only given false hopes to the people.

Prime Minster had issued directives after a meeting with a delegation from district Kohat in Islamabad. He had asked the concerned ministry to take up the drinking water supply issue with OGDCL and also make sure that the drinking water project was completed as early as possible. CM had also asked the OGDCL and SNGPL to spend on welfare funds for drinking water supply and other such schemes at Shakar Dara, but so sorry to say that no work was carried out according to their promised .

The local peopleof shakar dara had made the ‘with Crude Oil and Gas Sources Energy Companies, but the area is still without drinking water. A local social workers said that the exploration companies, including OGDCL and MOL, were earning billions of rupees from Shakardarra annually, but their work was restricted only to providing water through tankers for which OGDCL had set aside few million rupees a month for the many years which not can help to residential area of shakar dara.

The water was brought from Chashma and other areas from ponds and provided to the people by tankers only in urban area of the town. But still the women who could not get water due to living in remote areas bring water from far-off places by going on foot and pulling water from well. Some people bring water from other area through donkey. Some people provide water to shakar dara and bring from other area through tractor tank.

Our sources said that Crude Oil and Gas Sources Energy Companies,OGDCL had also started a project of bringing drinking water from the Indus River to the shakar dara town, which was abandoned because of low voltage as it required a local grid station.  The people of shakar dara have to decide and be careful in future and use their vote wisely to block the way of all selfish and corrupt politicians as they seen and provide his or her vote to honest politicians.

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