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Daniel Bryan’s in Ring Return To Wrestling Will Dominate 2018

Daniel Bryan’s Return in Wrestling Will Dominate 2018. j H says Daniel Bryan’s in Ring Return will be the biggest story of the  2018 year. We love Daniel Bryan, but Personally I dont want to see him again permanently injured. He has a family to care for. I think he could make it great as a Wrestling trainer. Anyway Daniel Bryan’s in Ring Return To Wrestling Will be great and loving movement in 2018.

Daniel Bryan’s in Ring Return To Wrestling Will Dominate 2018

If WWE doesn’t let Daniel Bryan to return in the ring despite a bunch of doctors clearing him and they let him go next year, that will a hugely a big mistake. Fan of Daniel Bryan are waiting to the signal from Daniel Bryan return in Wrestling next year. Some of Daniel Bryan’s fans said that if Daniel Bryan wrestles again he will probably die, but Daniel Bryan obviously isn’t thinking about. I still feel that the reason why WWE didn’t want Daniel Bryan to return in the ring was because they knew very mush that he would take that top spot from Roman Reigns. I don’t know that’s but just what I’m thinking about Daniel Bryan. I hope wwe will give one chance to Daniel Bryan off match so he stays & then give him a ten years contract & never let him wrestle again in Daniel Bryan’s life.

So, I may be in the minority with this for long time, but I respect the WWE for being cautious with Daniel Bryan. In the past year, they probably would have just let Daniel Bryan continue to wrestle with zero regard for his well being, & yes, they have done just that with superstars of the past. But maybe they are being a little too cautious? If outside Doctors say Daniel Bryan is good to go, then why can’t he?

We would love to see his One match which must be with the miz vs Daniel Bryan. It would benefit both wrestlers cause. Both are great and Daniel won’t have to strain his body. I’ve wanted to see this rival since it reheated last year on smack down. “Mic Said”

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