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Food Availability at Shakar Dara Bazaar for Tour rest

Food Availability at Shakar Dara Bazaar for Tourrest. Shakar Dara is good place for Tour rest because its located in med way of Mianwali and Kohat. At Shakar Dara you can enjoy short break for short time  refuel in your vehicle at 3 petrol pumps where fuel will available for your any type of vehicle petrol of Diesel.

At shakar dara you can stay for have some good food like as fish, chapal kabab. samosa, pakora and many other fast food available. There are no any big restaurant at Shakara Dara at this time but you can buy some fast food from small food shops, Fish and chapal kabab is the best food at shakar dara bazar.

Although fish come from out side to shakar dara but also available for Tour-rest in reasonable price and other buyers in low price. If you will looking for high quality restaurant at shakar dara that is not available but you can get also  fresh Food Availability at Shakar Dara Bazaar for Tour rest. normally rate of friend fish per KG is 400 Rupees.

Fruit and vegetable coming to shakar dara from Kohat and from Kala Bagh because no any big fruit and vegetable market available at Shakar Dara. Rate also reasonable of all Food Availability at Shakar Dara Bazaar for Tour rest. Some small vegetable stock come to shakar dara from local area but with limit.

normally shops opening at 7 AM and closing after 5 PM because 70 percent shopkeepers come from surrounding area of Shakar Dara Town.  There are two tribe living at shakar dara and surrounding area. People of Shakar Dara are living like as two hearts with one soul. No any fight or  religious war happening at Shakar Dara. 100 percent population of shakar dara is Suni Muslims.

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