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How Free SEO Consultation for Your Website Works @SoloTec

Let me share with you about How Free SEO Consultation for Your Website Works @SoloTec. SoloTec is one of the best 5 stars Freelancer who decided to provide Free SEO Consultation for Your Website. You can find SoloTec on the top of Google search if you’ll search @SoloTec. Which can prove you that SoloTec have experinec in proper SEO Search Engine Optimization work. The other proof is just search now for “How Free SEO Consultation for Your Website Works @SoloTec” You will see on top of the Google search, If you will click on “How Free SEO Consultation for Your Website Works @SoloTec link” so you will come to this post.

How The Free SEO Consultation for Your Website Works @SoloTec

Step 1:

Here Read about Javed Hayat

Do your research about Javed Hayat who’s 5 Stars Freelancer as SoloTec . After that, decide that spending time talking to me will benefit both of us. Check out my case studies, Reviews and professional backgrounds personal styles. Also, Visit my Instgram,  Facebook and LinkedIn and Whatsapp Profiles

Step 2:

Book Free SEO Consultation on My Calendar

As you can imagine, I talk to many, many people – every day. My calendar is very tight, but there is usually a slot available. Pick a time that works for you and plan to video chat via Google Hangouts during our appointment. I believe that face-to-face contact is the best way to form relationships.


You can imagine as, I talk to many people everyday so my calendar is very tight. But there’re often gaps Choose a time that’s right for you and plan a live video chat  through  Facebook, Skype and Whatsapp during our appointment. I believe that face-to-face communication is the best way to build a work relationships with someone.

Step 3:

We Video Chat About Free SEO Consultation

During our appointment for Free SEO Consultation, we’ll have a friendly conversation about what you’re trying to do with SEO. If you want, I can look at your website and tell what I see without access. I’m also happy to see your website profile and Estimated visits per day, Estimated pageviews per day, keywords, backlink ranking. We can also pull SEMRush and ahrefs together and discuss the information. Mostly I want to know what you think I can help you with. What are your current challenges? What do you try, and what are your goals for? In addition, you must know that I not need access to your website Free SEO Consultation. Therefore, I’ll need access if you want me to do your website Google SEO.

Book Free Consultation

There is absolutely no responsibility. However, If you believe in business networking, you should reserve this meeting.

We even find a backlink for your website.

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Original Blog Post for How Free SEO Consultation for Your Website Works @SoloTec

General traffic can help you grow your business. But if you aim to improve the search engine performance of your website Yes, we’re talking about search engine optimization (SEO).

If you are familiar with SEO, you will know how confusing and how long it will take. Who is able to track Google’s algorithmic updates, let alone understand the difference in keyword rankings? And if you do, do you have real time to update the website, create new content and receive new links?

An SEO consultancy will help you understand how your website performing, what you need to do to improve and get started. But you will not learn new things that you do not learn by yourself. The SEO consulting service will tell you the same thing that they tell others.

What Is SEO Consultation Related to?

If you want to skip meetings and go to work, this is the SEO spoiler you’re looking for. Troubleshooting and optimization pages Before your SEO consultant company, be sure that nothing important happens. They will check for big errors. They’re going to make sure that Google is a robots.txt indexing site. There is a standardization that works, no 404 error, and it loads quickly.

Essentially, they’re going to make sure that the website works. Being unique is also important. Duplicate title tags, meta tags and header tags can hinder the performance of the search engines of your website. What’s worse is that they miss the opportunity. These areas are important places to add keywords.

They will see which keywords generate clicks and impressions, and which pages ranked according to those keywords. They may perform content gap analysis – analyze the keyword rankings that your competitors have for you. Website Development Once your SEO consulting service finished everything is wrong with your website, they must go through the right or wrong things with the link. There are three important things you need to know in order to understand what they tell you.

Before domain ranking

Each tool has its own name for this measurement. Ahefs called domain ranking, while SEMRush called an empowerment rating, which may be a better name since that number is a privilege rating for each site. On the other hand, we can rely on these tools to give us good insights – good data – because these tools, such as Google, crawling and indexing the Ahrefs web (a tool that we especially like for viewing SEO. Off-site). Measure the strength of backlink profiles in terms of size and quality using a logarithmic scale. Measuring from 0 to 100 (where 100 is a strong score The most you can get more details here. Blogs, on the other hand, different tools create different readings because they use different formulas. But each one represents the same metric – how your site trusted in the eyes of Google.

Second, backlinks

This is the actual link on other websites that go to your website.

Third, the domain reference

These are websites that have links to your website.

Your domain ranking depends on the rights of backlinks and domain referrals. The more eligible links, the more powerful (or “juice links” as the industry calls them). They will be able to pass on to your own site.

Relevance also becoming increasingly important. The more relevant your link, the better. For example, your website sells cookies. Links from cooking blogs are more useful than links from your school’s alumni website.

In the past, many SEO consultations focused on the removal of spam and poisonous backlinks. However, the latest Google Penguin update that targets sites that use these links to manipulate rankings makes real-time evaluations, so toxic spam links won’t work at all. They are pointless.

SEO Consulting

Right now, SEO consulting more focused on fixing broken backlinks which can give a great website a sharp increase. (Backlinks may break if – for example – the page on your website is 404. Getting the page re-usable or redirecting it will fix the link.) What would be suggest?

At the end of your SEO consultancy, you’re often set up on-site SEO projects. It may involve to adjusting existing pages for new keywords, creating new pages, or expanding copies on webpages with thin content. Aside from fixing errors that may occur

Depending on the size and scope of the offsite job, you should expect to see improvements in keyword rankings. In other words, your website rank according to the most new keywords.

However, will have to work more Solving problems in place is important. But will not improve the general traffic of your site as needed in order to improve it if you want to expand your business

Website building will win

The domain rating increasing trend that lifts every boat Improving your website’s privileges will improve your keyword rankings, pushing them closer to the next page, which means more traffic.

Small Business SEO Consulting?

Why worry about Search Marketing?

Improving your site’s general traffic a proven growth strategy. Consider the research:

Search users are more likely to work with your small business, as they have to work with big brands. Last year, a study by Statistics Lab revealed that 90% of searchers were not. Think about brands before you get started. In fact, search can benefit your small business. Google found in 2018 that local searches use half (50%) of cellphone use to visit a store in a day and word stream. It was found that in 2016, about a quarter of users (72%) searched locally

Your business must be online to attract people. Google found that 79% of people take action on their phone, whether it’s calling the first map results or sending a contact form to a site. Rate organic – before making a purchase

If your business wants to grow, it needs a search strategy. According to Bright Edge, general traffic generates more than 40% of revenue. In other words, if your website’s online status is absent, start working today, which will help increase your revenue by 140%, the largest SEO consultant.

With enough tools and resources to do SEO inspection yourself, you can DIY every thing. Hardly, it takes a long time. SEO consulting can save you time knowing what’s going on with your website. But what you really need is what you need to improve your search position.

Your site may be not require SEO consulting and may work.

Background on SEO Consulting

You’re searching for a free SEO consultancy because you want to rank on google.com. This is understandable. Small businesses across the country  struggling with digital marketing. They look around the digital landscape and wonder if their competitors are receive a lot of traffic from search engines and social media, and looking for ways to contribute to this growth. Google is an online source of information. Great for small businesses if the rating is good. The right advisor can point you in the right direction so that your website becomes part of your marketing action plan. On the other hand, a bad suggestion can position your website in 4 light with search engines and could damage the likelihood that you’ll succeed in the business.

About Me

First, a little about me. My name Javed Hayat. I’ve been in digital marketing as a consultant for over 10 years. Furthermore, I’ve been in the technology field for 25 years. I work with big companies like Coca-Cola, Chevron. General Electric, DishNet Work, Texaco, AT&T, Verizon and Ford. I am a co-founder of two businesses with over 50 employees. I’ve worked with thousands of small businesses in the field of digital marketing consulting. For more information about my career path, please follow this link.

Over the past 10 years, Shakardara helped small businesses with free SEO consulting. We also focus on paying digital marketing to get customers faster. We have a whole department that focuses on search engine optimization for small businesses, including paid advertising on Google and Facebook. We provide free consultation for almost every engagement. Because if it is our mission to help small businesses achieve their dreams, it is almost unbelievable that we will not provide free SEO consulting for clients looking for better search performance. ۔

Therefore, we come to divide what most people looking for when it comes to search engine optimization.

2) On-site SEO optimization consulting

The trend of on-site SEO changed dramatically in recent years, 10 years ago, and the on-site SEO experience is a relatively quick technical effort that involves Analysts and technical changes to the website The technician will examine the website, including the objectives of the small business, and then give some suggestions for changing how to organize the best code in the website position to spiders.

Spiders are the slang names of programs that Google uses to crawl every website on the internet. This program runs on every website and tracks every link to find every piece of content, literally, every word that written on the internet, categorized the content appropriately and shows it to users. As you can imagine, this is an unbelievably large set of data that Google represents the entire internet. Due to the technical characteristics of the HTML website structure, search engine optimization technicians have discover ways that Google wants to use content based on spider types. Sharing this knowledge is the foundation of high quality SEO consulting. As a non-expert, it’s not possible for small business owners to have in-depth knowledge of Google as an SEO consultant.

What do you expect from your free SEO consultation?

At least a consultant should check your website and be able to check for areas that can prove immediately. Especially for the best websites, and an SEO consultant can give you advice in just fifteen minutes, based on the technical techniques of your website.

The first thing that croissants may ask you is what you believe your keyword area is. You may not have an answer to this. If you are brand new for search engine optimization, it is not uncommon to lack the skills of keyword research. Is it possible that the initial consultation will mainly consist of keyword research, as technicians try to help you understand the tools that most search engine optimization experts use to find those keywords? appropriate

I faced with many small business owners

Believe it or not, they know the keywords that consumers will use to find their products or services. However, when we experimented with the data shown, we’re actually surprised to see that small business owners created inaccurate opinions. I expect your first consultation to be share so you can test out some assumptions about how you believe that consumers will find your website the best. It’s important to an open-mind and informed by recommendations. Combine this information with your business knowledge.

In this discussion of  Free SEO Consultation

In this discussion there will be a sufficient amount of questions the consultant will ask about his own product or service. Keyword research is valuable for SEO if it is in the context of what the product or service actually offers. When this discussion is due, there will be a possible keyword target. A quick scan of the website will reveal whether these keywords are in the code or better or still rank on Google. For most small sites that just starting out, this is not true. Therefore the work is quite clear, if we want to rank these keywords, we need to get them on the website.

Many beginners think that

Many beginners think that they should create a one-page perkier that they want to rank. This case for a long time, but Google is more complex and how to categorize websites and understand content in HTML. The latest concepts from field experts show in-depth understand of searchers and page creation. That will meet all possible forms of that search, and 10 is the best way In general English, this translates into creating fewer pages with more subtle content and then hoping to rank multiple keywords on each page instead of creating pages per keyword.

The technical aspects of changing faces haven’t changed much. You want key words in searchable Google text. This keyword has many variations in similar meaning neighborhoods. Google uses a process called Latent Semantic Indexing or LSI to understand that language How are all webpages related to each other? Humans do this by nature. Since contests are common, various forms of keywords, plural and singular, and synonyms and antonyms included in the content. All of this is very common that should be allow to flow freely so that users can use it. The most important thing is to make sure that the content makes the website useful and useful.

During your free SEO consultation

In addition, during your free SEO consultation, there will be a discussion of title tags and H1 tags. If you are not familiar with these things, don’t worry, they are a simple concept that every web developer will understand. Croissants will review these with you, so you can check that they’ve been implement correctly on the website. They may talk to you about the importance of hyperlinks on reasonable websites. It is important to link the various pages of your website together that are useful to users and to bring search engines from one page to another to better understand what each page is about.

If you are not familiar with the term anchor text, your SEO consultant will definitely explain to you. The anchor text is the readable part of the English language of hyperlinks that users actually see when they click on the link to take them from one page on the website to another. Google developed to use this anchor. Taxed heavily to understand what is at the end of the hyperlink Understanding how spiders use this information to categorize webpages can help you lead them to where the data ranked better in search.

A Free SEO Consultation

Even in a free SEO consultation, there should be a discussion about the time on the website and the user experience. Goodwill has paid attention to what is known as time to rest. This is another phrase for site time or web time. Fundamentally, the Google program wants to know whether a webpage is useful to users because it’s a useless webpage.

They don’t want to show up on their search engine. Our Google is not a human being and can’t distinguish which page that Meet the needs Therefore, they have access to the best estimation of information or hint whether the page is actually happy with the intent of search engine users. Time on site or time on page is one of the indicators that many SEO consultants will pay attention to. Small business owners should think about this because they’re creating website content. From then, the useless and useless pages created to grab the attention of the search engines will not benefit the user. These tend to have less time on websites, have higher bounce rates, and show bad content to Google.

Graphics are a Great Way

In addition, graphics are a great way to help users have a great experience while on the webpage. Infographic content and images are a great way to enhance the user experience. Humans feel bored when reading a large number of text blocks in one row and want a visible distraction to help them engage with the content. In addition, visualizing what’s being convey in the image is a great way to present ideas to those who do not want to read the actual message. Many users will read the body of the message and their eyes will stop at the large images and fonts only. Understanding of the user experience is important in a useful website presentation.

2) SEO / Offsite Backlinks

Free SEO consultations will include discussions about offsite SEO or building backlinks. For newbies, backlinks are links on other websites that point to your site. An SEO expert consultant will help you understand the importance of links to your website while you track rankings in search engines. Many small business owners do not understand this part of search engine optimization at all and are confuse.

Backlinks are the main score for your website on the internet. Google’s greatest digital marketing support using these vessels to determine the best source of information to show users in ways that other search engines can’t understand. The math behind this process is complex and protected. It is the organization’s confidentiality at Google. A professional SEO consultant who has spent years trying to understand what the backlink algorithm Google is familiar with. To help websites and backlinks that may affect rankings on google.com.

Digital Marketing

As a beginner in digital marketing, it’s tempting to buy the cheapest backlinks to your website in the hope of increasing your ranking. However, this is a terrible idea. Google penalized many websites for links that they disagree with. To make matters worse, Google won’t clearly tell you whether Lynx likes or dislikes them. The whole process quite complicated, which is why your SEO consultant must take the time to educate you about how the process works.

If you’re just starting to create links to your website, your ranking is probably not very good. An SEO expert consultant will suggest terms that you use, such as Authority Authority and domain reading. There are several independent third-party review tools that will tell you how your domain compares to others when it comes to the number of backlinks received and the value of those links. Understanding how to use these third-party metrics is an important part of search engine optimization. Most advisors have access to tools that are standard in the industry. It’ll be helpful to tell you how strong or weak your domain is. When you can compete against others for ranking.

At this point in the consultation, the question arises naturally: “Hey, if these links are important, will I get the whole group really quickly?” SEO consultants will point out that Google is not just about And the link used to secure the website They believe that it is quite natural for little unknown websites to shift from obscurity to being known to many backlinks. In a short time, consultants may talk about terms such as link sections and Link speed See more popular websites on natural ramps.

3) Content marketing

Content marketing is a natural extension of SEO and high quality link building. It refers to a combination of public relations efforts and search engine optimization by creating high quality backlinks. It’s an advanced topic, so I’m not sure if to contact during a free SEO consultation.

However, if you’re interested in understanding how content marketing, fits of all, the trends of search engine optimization. Here is an overview. In the short term could be low quality links undesired ways. Google developed that if you believe the content in website is too long and high quality graphics to increase the price. With changes in Google and SoloTec can be found on the Internet and high-quality content with the world. So it’s small and ineffective. Javed Hayat avoids the content marketing philosophy that Google tries to get what they want by playing by the rules.

High quality content defined as content that users find useful, deep and rich in statistics and facts that are intelligent and well presented with graphics and video. If it is difficult to prepare to write 3,000 word blog post than writing a 300 word blog post. Likewise, it’s very difficult to create a video in your concept and then penetrate 50 words on a typewriter. Google is likely to give Rewarding for things that are harder to do because they believe that effort is equal to quality

Free SEO Consultation

It is difficult to imagine that all the concepts I have describe above all will be discuss in a free SEO consultation. My last point is to have the right expectations for what you get for free. People’s time is precious and SEO experts are quite difficult to come Many people claim that they have a lot of knowledge about search engine optimization. But if you meet an expert who understands online marketing and shows a strong ranking on Google, be respectful of time.There is a lot of information you should expect to get for free, then you should expect to billed on time. They do with a lawyer or doctor


As a promotional activity, we’re starting a free SEO website evaluation program for a limited time. We offer these free website SEOs as one-on-one telephone sessions, in which we will analyze your website and discuss Important SEO elements and strategies We know from participation in forums and discussion groups that there are many questions about both on-site and off-site SEO.

We consult with our top clients about daily search optimization. But we also know that many small and medium-sized businesses will benefit from training on Therefore, our free website SEO program.

Online Registration Form

There is an online registration form with our schedule and availability. All you have to do is choose the time period that suits you and give us the website URL. We need to do our homework in advance to gather important SEO statistics for your URL before we receive a call so we can make the most of sharing time. Free, free of charge, no obligation, no credit card required (You will receive points) Click below to schedule or read more about our free website seo program on our homepage. If you are a more self-motivated person, you should start with our on-site SEO discussion. But in the end, we think you will move a lot faster with some help.

In conclusion of How Free SEO Consultation for Your Website Works @SoloTec

First of all thanks for visiting me to help you in Free SEO Consultation for your website work. Hope you have all answers to your questions about all Free SEO Consultation for your website. However, place comment if still have question about Free SEO Consultation or Google SEO Ranking even more for web developing. I will glad if I help you in matter.

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