Main Mistakes That Every Amateur Blogs Making in Blogger


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Main Mistakes That Every Amateur Blogs Making in Blogger.  We noticed many time some big Mistakes that Almost Every Amateur Bloggers Making in blogs. Also a new amateur blogs will do many mistakes on their blogs. Because many bloggers are unaware of some of them. May be due to some negligence main mistakes that every amateur blogs making in bloggers.

Whatever it is any mistakes are also mistakes.  But the only thing that matters is how they will realize their own mistakes and prevent that mistakes from happening in future bloggers. As a very first step, it is essential to know all of the most some common blogging mistakes that every amateur blogs makes which I’m going to present you in this Amateur Blogs post.

Some Common Mistakes That Amateur Blogs Make

Some of  big mistakes that we are unaware of.

Why is my blog not ranking in spite of high-quality content? It’s because of a mistake that you have done, but you are unaware of.

1. Building Back links Like A Ninja

Most of the amateur blogs are in a misconception of building some back links are the only effective way to rank websites in Google SERPs. I am agree with this point, but wait for a minute! Building tonnes of back links straight away to a newly published blog with many posts! Sounds ridiculous but that is the common mistake which many  new bloggers make.

In during first 3 months of your blog, all you will have to do is to produce great content for your blog, but you must build 2-3 do follow back links and 10-20 no follow comment links by daily commenting on someone blogs.

Doing that will help you in promotion your blog and for back link purposes you will have results in very huge spike in Google rankings. But if you will not continue than it will be washed away within a week or in a month. Then you have to do again hunt for recovery all ranking.

Once you will have about 90 – 100 unique high quality contents and blog posts then you can start again building back links on daily base via guest postings. Till then keep guest posting to 30 per day.

2. Robotic Approach to

What do you thinking about your readers? Are they robots? Many amateur blogs treat their readers will be as robots. But they do not use personality words such as “You” or “I”. You also remember that the two persons in blog post are the reader and writer, that’s you & I.

3. Not Linking To Others Websites

You think twice before linking to others as an amateur blogs because without linking to others amateur blogs, how can you expect others will link to your amateur blogs? Blogging is also all about GIVE & TAKE. Also linking to relevant content in your niche at your amateur blogs helps a lot in developing relationships with other amateur blogs. It also encourages other amateur bloggers to link to you.

4. You Share Only Your Amateur Blogs Stuff

As a new amateur blogs, almost everyone shares only their own stuff, like as their blog posts. They think also sharing other bloggers’ blog posts.

But Why?

Are they one of selfish? Nope. But it’s the natural tendency of all human being to be selfish. It’s not the case here as I said earlier in blogging GIVE & TAKE principle works will great. In the start of your blogging career, to develop relationships, you will have to leave insightful comments on other famous Amateur Blogs and share other popular Amateur Blogs stuff in your niche too.

5. Ignoring Social Media for Amateur Blogs

New Amateur Blogs think that quality content alone will be enough. They also ignore social media. But you have published really awesome content. However, but how could your readers will know your awesome content?

So in order to ping your all target readers about your unique content, you will need to share your Amateur Blogs posts on social media and will gain some great exposure. By this act, you will also get massive real traffic.

You must know some part of traffic will converted into readers depending upon quality of your unique contents. So Also remember that, “No one will come to your Amateur Blogs and for Reading your blog posts Themselves, You will Need to Reach to readers”

Once you gain loyal readers and get ranked, then there will no need to reach but readers will reach through search.

6. Ignoring List Building of Amateur Blogs

List building is one of the best way to quantify your loyal readership. The organic traffic that you will get from that lists or email marketing is incomparable to any sort of traffic if done properly. In case Google will penalizes you, then also you can gain huge amount of real organic traffic & revenue by your email marketing.

So list building on a your Amateur Blogs should be practiced from the very beginning itself. Collecting huge readers’ email addresses as early as possible helps in developing great list and hence traffic.

I was not interested in any sort of list for the first two months of my this blog but later I realized the importance of list building & then I started list building…

Also choosing a profitable niche for Amateur Blogs should be the second priority. Because without passion, we cannot earn money even in a highly profitable niche our Amateur Blogs.

Final words for Amateur Blogs
According to my experience, these are some of the blunders that amateur blogs make. As a new blogger, you must know that most common blogging mistakes that many Amateur Blogs list out there in their Amateur Blogs. In simple words, you have to make the use of their valuable blogging experience. Follow some of the most influential Amateur Blogs in your niche, read it on daily base, leave insightful comments on them and finally develop relationships with other Amateur Blogs.

By avoiding the general mistakes that amateur bloggers making, you can quickly turn to an unique blogger.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article about Amateur Bloggers. Do share and also comment too.

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