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Do Dil Ek Jaan Shakar Dara, Both Tribe Living Like Two Hearts but One Soul

Do Dil Ek Jaan Shakar Dara, We can say now that people of Shakar Dara are like as Do Dil……Ek Jaan (Two Hearts… One Soul). People speak Pashto Language. There are main two different cost of people (Khattak (Pashto: خټک‎ [xaˈʈak]) living at Shakar Dara and its surrounding area. They know as Soghri Khattak and Bangi Khel Khattak. Both cost of people living like as one family and making relations and doing business in shakar dara together. People come out from home in morning to shakar dara bazaar for shopping fruits, vegetables and all other grocery of life. Normally shops opening at 7 AM and closing at 5 PM. After 8 PM Shakar dara bazaar completely closed.

Due to main shopping area of surrounding small towns, Shakar Dara bazaar is good for opening shops. You can enjoy peace full life at Shakar Dara but no main facilities available at shakardara because Shakar Dara is located where our politicians only interested in getting votes for elections but no one go back after they get votes because Shakar Dara is located in boundary of KPK and Punjab.)

…more about shakardara:

Shakar Dara and in its surrounding area a big source of Oil and Gas available. Chanda Oil Field Shakar Dara. Chanda Oil Field Shakar Dara provide crude oil and gas on daily base to Pakistan. 1000s of local labors working for  Chanda Oil Field Shakar Dara. Different Oils and Gas Companies came for finding oil and gas at Shakar dara in different time but Oil & Gas Development Company Limited – OGDCL.com is the first Oil & Gas Company who succeeded.

Day by day Shakardara is getting popularity because of petroleum sources (Oil and Gas sources).   As a new  user, you should go to our website dashboard where you can create your account for participate and create new pages for your content. Have fun!

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