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Generated the top Google Searches Using Mondovo’s Keyword Research

Keyword (by relevance) Avg. monthly searches Competition Ad impression share Top of page bid (low range) Top of page bid (high range) Account status
Keywords you provided
fitness keywords

100 – 1K Low—PKR22.56 to PKR570.73

Keyword ideas
fitness words

1K – 10K Low—PKR34.20 to PKR396.30

fitness log

1K – 10K High—PKR60.82 to PKR650.67

fitness website

1K – 10K Medium—PKR112.08 to PKR523.36

keyword research tool

10K – 100K Low—PKR155.59 to PKR1,485.22

seo keywords

10K – 100K Low—PKR204.50 to PKR1,414.50

keyword search tool

1K – 10K Low—PKR254.61 to PKR1,350.85

fitness marketing

100 – 1K Medium—PKR320.89 to PKR2,694.62

keyword ranking

1K – 10K Low—PKR258.03 to PKR1,159.89

keyword research

10K – 100K Low—PKR53.05 to PKR1,246.17

keyword generator

1K – 10K Low—PKR200.86 to PKR995.81

keyword analysis

1K – 10K Low—PKR190.96 to PKR1,495.13

keyword tool

100K – 1M Low—PKR30.38 to PKR1,459.76

keyword analysis tool

1K – 10K Low—PKR256.02 to PKR2,036.88

fitness workout

10K – 100K Medium—PKR62.57 to PKR454.48

best keyword research tool

1K – 10K Low—PKR182.47 to PKR1,414.50

keyword tracker

1K – 10K Low—PKR297.04 to PKR1,381.97

fitness articles

1K – 10K Low—PKR162.67 to PKR445.57

keyword finder

10K – 100 KLow—PKR130.32 to PKR688.86

adwords keyword tool

1K – 10K Low—PKR368.09 to PKR3,684.77

keyword suggestion tool

1K – 10K Low—PKR96.02 to PKR1,923.72

exercise for fitness

10K – 100K Low—PKR7.07 to PKR273.00

free keyword tool

1K – 10K Low—PKR84.87 to PKR701.59

long tail keywords

1K – 10KLow—PKR304.12PKR2,049.61

keyword search

10K – 100KLow—PKR141.45PKR1,529.07

fitness names

1K – 10KLow—PKR25.70PKR500.73

words related to health and fitness

100 – 1KLow———

google keywords

10K – 100KLow—PKR132.96PKR2,475.37

google keyword tool

10K – 100KLow—PKR160.56PKR2,829.00

workout words

100 – 1KLow—PKR213.59PKR510.63

fitness plan

10K – 100KMedium—PKR74.80PKR480.61

seo keyword tool

1K – 10KLow—PKR335.24PKR1,886.96

google search keywords

1K – 10KLow—PKR273.00PKR1,697.40

keywords for health and fitness

10 – 100Low—PKR50.92PKR285.73

how to do keyword research

1K – 10KLow—PKR330.99PKR2,271.69

negative keywords

1K – 10KLow—PKR451.23PKR1,217.88

website keywords

1K – 10KLow—PKR254.61PKR1,406.01

most searched keywords

1K – 10KLow—PKR84.87PKR1,753.98

keyword optimization

1K – 10KLow—PKR493.66PKR1,910.99

key words

10K – 100K Low—PKR31.97 to PKR1,414.50

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