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Golden Baba’ Adorning 20 kgs Gold, Owns Audis, BMW & Luxury Cars

Golden Baba’ Adorning 20 kgs Gold, Owns Audis, BMW & Luxury Cars. Though many crimes also involving ‘Babas’ and blind beliefs people have towards this self-acclaimed Golden Baba (God-men). There’s yet another rich Baba after Ram-Rahim. He’s famously known as Golden Baba.

Golden Baba’ Adorning 20 kgs Gold, Owns Audis, BMW & Luxury Cars

Sudhir Makkar seld proclaimed Golden god-man (Golden Baba) is otherwise known as the ‘Golden Baba’. Golden Baba is famously known for his love for gold ornaments. Of course his participation wearing his gold jewelry in the Kanwar Yatra.

Golden Baba Wearing Gold

Golden Baba wears at least 20 Golden chains which are not less than 500gm each. To his last year’s comparison, the golden baba’s gold possession that he wears on regular basis increased to 25kg’s of gold against last year’s 15.5 kg gold.

gold baba
Golden Baba

Golden Baba Age

Golden Baba age is 58-year-old, ‘Golden Baba’ arrived in Ghaziabad on Monday, with his own convoy which comprised of 20 plus luxury cars.

Golden Baba’ arrived in Ghaziabad on Monday
Golden Baba’ arrived in Ghaziabad on Monday

Golden Baba said. “Golden Baba increased gold, by the grace of God. If almighty permits me and if my health allows, I’ll continue my yatras. I have a severe stomach infection, which has deteriorate in the past five years. Infection interferes with the rites to follow during Kanwar Yatra. However, I visited the best hospitals Of India, even in Mumbai, but no relief found,” Makkar says while speaking about his intention to start the Kanwar yatra.

Life History of Golden Baba

This would be last Kanwar yatra of The Golden Baba, he mentioned last year.  Definelty the best one since he spent nearly Rs 1.50 crore in hiring many Luxury cars. Also, for Delhi’s best caterer and waterproof tents, along with an ambulance and doctors.

“With the passage of time, Gold Baba expenditure on the yatra increased every year. But he still remember his first yatra; which cost just Rs 500. He said, that I still want to perform the yatra that way but it’s difficult to return to past times. I remember to eating food offered to devotees and sleeping in tents,” he adds.

Golden Baba

While Makkar does not only own gold chains, he also possesses 20 plus lockets (of deities),  a Rolex watch and armlets that weighs half a kg. And valued around Rs 30 lakh, along with 3 Fotuners, BMW, 2 Audis and two Innovas.
Makkah, on various occasions, rented Jaguars, Hummers and Land Rovers during the yatra who has immense love for gold, luxurious life, and cars off course.

“ I will hand over the gold to my favourite disciple when I leave the world, My love for gold and cars will not die” he says.

Golden Baba Business Gold, Owns Audis, BMW & Luxury Cars

Before becoming famous as Golden Baba, Makkar successfully ran property business and cloth at the Gandhi Nagar market in Delhi. And now owns a luxurious flat in Indirapuram, India.

Born to a poor family he attended gurukul, he went to Haridwar in search of a job at age of six.

“Later, by the grace of Lord Shiva, my business flourished. I sold shirts , jeans, and jackets. Even my property business flourished,”  he also sold flowers at pavements he recalls adding.

The Golden Baba is also known as Shri Mahant Ji Golden Puri Babaji. According to his disciples his properties estimations could reach ₹300 crore and more. He love to Gold, luxurious flat, Owns Audis, BMW & Luxury Cars.

In Conclusssion

Thanks for visiting Golden Baba’ Adorning 20 kgs Gold, Owns Audis, BMW & Luxury Cars article. He’s popullar in the worldwide as a millionare. People love him very much. Also he meet to people like as a normal person. You’ll happy when you meet him personally. His successfully crear is the best way to follow to enjoy life as he enjoy Adorning 20 kgs Gold, Owns Audis, BMW & Luxury Cars.

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