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Google Blogger Template Installation Process on Blogn is very easy. Due to many questions from my clients today I’m writing article about Google Blogger Template Installation Process on Blog. Hope this article will gice you proper idea about Blogger Template Installation Process. However, if you’ll have any question then place comments bellow. I’ll get back to you with proper answer to Google Blogger Template Installation Process on Blog. I’ll appreciate your comments on bellow.

Google Blogger Template Installation Process on Blog

However, before we go to Google Blogger Template Installation Process on Blog we’ll need to know about Google Blogger Template. That what’s Google Blogger Template and why we need it too?

What’s Google Blogger Template?

Google Blogger Template is structure of website design which we can use to manipulate the physical presentation of a blog. However, with settings which will apply on every blog so that bloggers can establish a single template. Then focus on web content, instead of having to customize every single entry. Because, blogging also involves complex activities lik creating dynamic pages, maintaining archives and so forth. The blogger templates automate these functions. Also, reducing the risk of many errors across the blog. Allowing web content creators to focus on blogging instead of building a blog or a website.

Default Blogger templates

However, most of blogging programs come with default templates. A blog users can also access blogger templates on various support websites. Which can be both free and paid blogger templates too. Furthermore. Today Blogger Templates may also be known as themes. They can usually be edit from within your blog’s dashboard, and you can edit via FTP too. Also, Blog’s server, depending on the your selected best blogging platform service someone using.

Theme for the Website

Also, theme using for the website as a blog template. A blogger can create a wide theme for his/her website. So, that features like menus for navigation will appear on every page and every page will’ve a uniform appearance. That  Bloggers can also tweak the blogger template for specific blog or website pages. Blogger Templates also use to lay out the blog or website. Dictate the colors of the blog and website force specific fonts to display. Establish parameters for what should happening in different situations. Furthermore, ranging from a user landing page, someone running a search using the embedded search function in the website or blog.

Blog template from scratch

However, It’s’ possible for developer to build a blogger template from scratch. A developer can use markup language specific to the blogger templates platform. But some bloggers developers enjoy doing this because they can create a custom blogger template from the scratch this way. They can ensure that their blogger template willn’t duplicated on another website or blog. So it’s possible to use a blogger template generator which blogger inputs basic parameters. Also, receives a chunk of code which we can use as the basis for a blogger template.

Blogger Templates are Entirely Separate

However, Blogger templates are also entirely separate from web content of the website or blog. in case when you do changes of blogger template to another template. They alter the way in which the web content displayed but they don’t alter the web content itself. Likewise, the bloggers developers can adapt, change and add to the web content as much as they want. Without any altering the template. So, when someone lands on a website or blog, both blogger template and web content are run through. What’s known as website template engine to create a display of the web contents in an aesy way.

How to Install a Google Blogger Template on A blog?

However for installation a blogger template on blog will have few steps which we need to follow. So, here’s how to install a Blogger template on a blog. All you’ve to downloaded from another website a blogger templete:

Steps to Install a Google Blogger Template on A blog?

  1. First of all, Log in to Blogger, and go to your Blogger Dashboard. Click on the Design link.

  2. Now Click on the Edit HTML tab.

  3. Click on the Download Full blogger Template link and save to your computer.

    Must make a note of the file name and so where you saved it in case you need it again later!

  4. Unzip now the blogger template file you downloaded from another website.

  5. Go Back on the Edit HTML page and click on the Choose File button.

  6. Navigate to where you saved the un-zipped template files on your computer. And double click on the one that ends in .xml.

  7. Click now on the Upload button.

    If you already have old widgets on your website or blog. Then you may get a warning message to Keep them or delete them. If you want to preserve the old work you’ve done before then click the Keep Widgets button. But If you don’t want them, then click on the Delete Widgets button.

    When the upload is complete, you get a message at the top of the page that says Your Changes Have Been Save.

  8. Click the View now on Blog button to ensure that your website or blog looks good. Also the way you want it to look.

    Here you may have to remove or move to some pages and elements in order to get the blogger template to display properly.

In Conclussion

However, Some free Blogger templates you can find on web but may be incompatible with recent version of Blogger. So, If this happens to your case, then you’ll either have to find someone smart who knows how to edit XML. Also you’ll have to find a different blogger template to upload it. So, you can also reinstall the blogger template you downloaded, or use the Template Designed.

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