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Khattak Tribe History located in Khyber Pukhtonkhwa Province of Pakistan

The Khattak Tribe History located in Khyber Pukhtonkhwa Province of Pakistan. Khatak or Khattak tribe (in Pashto: خټک [Khaˈʈak], Urdu: خٹک). Khattak or Khatak (Pashto: خټک [xaˈʈak], Urdu: خٹک), is that the name of associate degree Afghantribe happiness to the Karlan branch of the Afghans. The tribe’s history is kind of ancient. one in all the earliest references regarding them ar found within the fourth century BCE in Media And Arachosia.They were known as Sattagudai by Greek[1] and alternative historians.[2][3][4][5][6][7] but, their origin is far a lot of ancient.

Khattak Tribe History located in Khyber Pukhtonkhwa Province of Pakistan

The tribe’s territory is found within the Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa province of contemporary day Pakistan. but historical records show associate degree earlier eastward migration from metropolis,Ghowr and Ghazni.

The tribe settled on the western bank of the stream Indus from as north upwards as Sammah; modern-day city Khwar & Sher Garh close to Malakand to South through the district of Karak, a stretch of territory quite two hundred miles long. Their historic capitals ar Akora Khattak, a city fifty kilometres (31 miles) east of the city, urban center and Teri, Kohat.

Their historical centers embody metropolis, Ghowr, Ghazni, Zhob, Karak, Tirah andWana.

For the foremost a part of their history, the Khattak united below one combined leader, noted as Malak, that in keeping with Khushal Khan Khattak may be a continuation of the Bani Israel title of Malak (king).[8][9]

However, the combined title of Malak isn’t used any longer, alone for the rationale that there’s no combined Malak of all the Northern and Southern clans.

According to Nimatullah’s 1620 work History of The Afghans, Khattaks ar amongst the oldest of the Afghan tribes.[10] Their history has been close thereupon of the Yusufzai Tribe from their initial settlement round the mountains of Ghor and Ghazni [10] to gift day eastern and North-Eastern Pukhtunkhwa Province of West Pakistan.

Herodotus, Book 3, 91.[11] (In this and also the 2 succeeding passages the historiographer is giving an inventory of the Achaemenian satrapies and their peoples.)

The Sattagudai and also the Gandarioi and also the Dadikai and also the Aparutai, World Health Organization all reckoned along paid one hundred seventy skills.

Herodotus, while not assignment a reputation to the satrapy, tells North American nation that Darius’ yth Satrapy was colonised by four tribes, the Sattagudai, the Gandarioi, the Dadikai, and also the Aparutai.[12][13]

Flag of the Afghan Tribe, The Khattak. made of historical references associated with leader Shehbaz Khan,Khushal Khan Khattak and also the Khattak Tribe normally. It shows the famed Eagle of Khushal Khan, the weapon of the Khattak Attan Dance, and also the book; Khattaks ar called the students of the Afghans.

Aparutai/Aparidai correspondence

The addition of the Aparutai/Aparidai correspondence helps to buttress the case for locating in historiographer traces of names that carry through to this day. Bellew has gone more and known the Sattagudai with the famed Khatak tribe. “The Pathans 55O B.C.-A.D. 1957″ was written St Martin’s and in Press 1958 by MacMillan. And Company Limited”[13]

The earliest accounts of the Khattak tribe seem within the writings of historiographer throughout theFifth Century BC [11] wherever he mentions the four ancient nations comprising thePactyans he encountered in Pactya because the Gandarn, the Aparytae, the Sattagyddae, and also the Dadicae. the primary having lang syne been known with the traditional inhabitants of that a part of the urban center vale currently called the Yusufzai and Mohmand country.

The second and third ar known with the Afridi, and also the Khattak of this day. The last, or Dadicae, ar likely drawn by the nearly extinct tribe of theDadi, World Health Organization dwell amongst the Kakar, on the southern border of the traditional Sattagyddae country. it’s curious to search out these terribly nations currently, when a lapse of quite 2 thousand years, holding the identical names and also the same positions as those allotted to them by the traditional Greek author.

Khattak Tribe

The first settlement of the Khattaks was at Shawal, a vale within the Waziri country lying to the west of Bannu, close to the Pir Ghal peak. They migrated thence eastward to land district of Bannu and settled with the Afghan tribes of Honai and Mangal, World Health Organization then control it. These tribes were driven out by the Shitaks, a social group allied to the Khattaks, additionally from Shawal, in all probability throughout the ordinal century. [14] [15] The Shitaks step by step drove back the weak Khattak communities antecedently settled on the Latin Quarter of the Kuram. The Khattaks therefore ironed from behind step by step contact the southern portion of the Kohat district. They initial took Possession of the Chauntra Bahadar Khel and Teri valleys, and put together with the Bangashes drove out the tribes antecedently occupying the north-eastern a part of the district. And obtained the Pattiala, Gumbat and Zira tappas as their share. [16]

BANI ISRAEL – 10 Tribes of Israel

Furthermore about  Khattak tribe information: The Oldest Afghan tribes and Theory of Pakhtoon descent from Israelites. Bani Israel (also Bna’i Israel) virtually means that, the kids of Israel and refers to the Assyrian captivity of Israel and also the 10 Tribes of Israel that settled in Media (and Arachosia) and ne’er repatriated to the Canaan. various historians have known these four tribes with four of theTen Tribes of Israel.

Gandarioi >Yusufzai are known because the Tribe of Joseph.[17][18][19][20][21][22][23][24]
Aparutai > Afridi or Apridi are known because the Tribe of Ephraim.[25][26][27][28][29][30][31]
Dadikai > Zazi or Jaji are known because the Tribe of Gad.[25][26][27][28][29][30][31][32]
Sattagudai > Khattak & Shetak [2][33] are known because the Tribe of Manasseh[34][35][36][37][38][39]


Khushal Khan Khattak (1613 – 1690)

Further information: Dasht-e Yahudi
Khattak origin from the Israelites is documented in various accounts and none is a lot of convincing than the views of the Khattak themselves, and of their combined leader (of all Northern and Southern sub clans), Khushal Khan Khattak.[8][9] In his book Dastar Nama, Khushal writes:

Khushal Khan more contends that Daniyal (Daniel) was from Malak Talut’s (Saul) relative. Malak Talut (Saul) is from the offsprings of the brother of Prophet Abraham (Abraham):
“The bravery and valorousness within the Pukhtuns ar the result of the milk of that lion.”

Journal of the West Pakistan Historical Society, Volume 54, Issues 3-4, Page 30

Karlani Afghan Tribes kin .

This is more supported by the actual fact that Khushal World Health Organization himself was nonappointive a Malak of the Khattak tribe thought of the word Malak, Bani Israel in origin and delcares it[8][9]:

A continuation of the Bani Israel Tribe title of Malak (which means of king)

Historically it’s well-known that the social group name Khattak came into usage once a pacesetter of the tribe named Luqman was given the alias Khattak which before this, the tribe was titled by its original name.[9][40][41][42][43][44]Therefore, the social group name Khattak replaced associate degree older a lot of ancient social group name.


It is evident that the Yusufzai, the Afridi and also the Jaji (Zazi) still retain their Bani Israel social group names, except for the Kattaks, this is often} derived indirectly from the actual fact that every one of the 10 Tribes of Israel can be accounted for within the differentAfghan tribes that inhabit this region except Manasseh, since the Khattaks are mentioned continually in history with these 3 tribes, as well as by Herodotus[1] , continually reckoned along except for all the opposite neighboring nations and also the incontrovertible fact that it had been the Tribe of Joseph that gave birth to Ephraim and Manasseh, it’s so extremely probable that the Khattaks ar in truth the Tribe of Manasseh.

Media and Arachosia

This is additionally confirmed by the actual fact that, where in Media and Arachosia (modern day Islamic State of Afghanistan and Pakistan), the Yusufzai have settled, the Khattak have settled beside them [1](except for a brief amount in their history once the migrated eastward to their gift day abode once more besides the Yusufzai in modern-day West Pakistan. to boot, a sub tribe at intervals the Khattak, known as the Yusufzai-Khattaks (Lund Khwar, Jamal Garhi of District Mardan) ar a union between the 2 tribes and therefore share their heritage.

Khattak Tribe and Afridi Tribe

Additionally, The Khattak and also the Afridi ar classified along within the Karalni Afghan tribes as being from an equivalent origin.[45][46][47][48][49] they’re continually mentioned along and as being from an equivalent origin.[49][50] The Tribe of Joseph additionally gave rise to the Tribe of Ephraim and theTribe of Manasseh. Thus, since the Tribe of Ephraim and also the Tribe of Manasseh have an equivalent origin from the Tribe of Joseph therefore too theAfridi and also the Khattak have an equivalent common origin.[45][46][47][48][49]

Though, associate degree Indian cluster, the Bnai Manasseh claim to be from The Tribe of Manasseh and ancient migrations might o.k. support this, but the social group population sizes[51][52][53] needs that the Tribe of Manasseh be proportionate to it of the Afridis (Tribe of Ephraim), and also the solely cluster fulfilling this can be the Khattak. Population of the Afridi and also the Khattak ar a lot of or less an equivalent size.

Afridi and also the Khattak lived

Khattak Tribe History
Khattak Tribe History located in Khyber Pukhtonkhwa

We know that each the Afridi and also the Khattak lived within the same geographical region at the start of the Muhammaden era.[54]

“at beigninning of mohammadan era khattaks occupied the Suleiman vary and also the northern a part of the plains between these mountains and also the Indus….”.
It is therefore nearly convenient to search out that the last mentions of the Tribe of Manasseh in Media and Arachosia (mountains of Ghowr and Ghazniin modern-day Afghanistan)[55][56][57][58][59][60][61] additionally happen to be the terribly geographical region for the birth of the primary mentions of Khattak.[62][63][64][65][66][67][68]

Historians contemplate them to be the Tribe of Gad,[69] (Gen 30:3-11, information 35:26; 46:16-18; Ex 1:4; I

Chr 2:2, Isaiah 65:11),[69] the sense to filtrate or to “stand out”. the trendy day word Khattak the morphed variety of the initial but means that atiny low hill that “stands out”.[70] The Tribe of Gad is among theTen Tribes of Israel that was taken by Assyrians and settled within the mountains of Ghor and Ghazni.(page thirty seven The History of the Afghans by Burnhard Dorn)[71]

Gad (Hebrew

Gad (Hebrew to square out, additionally Luck and Soldier) > Gadak (of Gad) additionally Satta+Gaddayee or Sattagudai (Herodotus) > Khadak (Kha within the recent non-standard speech of Pukhto (not Pushto) for the G of Hebrew Khattak. (A hill that stands out).

This is additionally powerfully echoed and verified within the words of historiographer throughout the fifth century BC [11] by the actual fact that of the Nations he mentions were “the Sattagyddae”, the Gaddae being the morphed variety of the initial Gad.

Numerous historians establish the Khattak with the Sattagudai.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7]

Sir Olaf Caroe, The Pathans 550BC 1957AD:[13]

“Let North American nation currently sit down with the third passage cited, within which historiographer, while not assignment a reputation to the satrapy, tells North American nation that Darius’ yth
Satrapy was colonised by four tribes, the Sattagudai, the Gandarioi, the Dadikai, and also the Aparutai.

Bellew has gone more and known the Sattagudai with the famed Khatak tribe, and also the Dadikai with associate degree obscure branch of Kakars whom he calls Dadi.”

Sir Olaf Caroe, The Pathans 550BC 1957AD:[13]

“Neither Khataks nor Shitaks seem by name till the amount of publication of genealogies below the Mughals, and also the time of Akbar’s dealings with the Khataks for the protection of the road to urban center. Babur so in his memoirs mentions the Karranis (Karlanris) whom he encountered in 1505 around Bannu in conjunction with the Niazis and Isakhel. it’s probable that this reference of his is to Khataks or Shitaks, or both, for each ar Karlanri tribes, and also the alternative Karlanris World Health Organization board that space, Wazirs and Bangash, Babur mentions by name once he involves them.”
It is therefore clear that Babur Mughals in their descriptions establish Khattaks & Shetaks along with none differentiation.

Sir Olaf Caroe, The Pathans 550BC 1957AD:[13]

“Taken along, the Khataks and also the Shitaks, World Health Organization currently have a typical boundary getting ready to Bannu, cowl a stretch of territory as giant as that control by any Afghan or Pathan tribe, whether or not Ghilzai, Yusufzai or Durrani. From the Khatak settlements around Lundkhwar, getting ready to the Malakand Pass, to the Shitak villages in higher Daur within the Tochi, the space is over two hundred miles. The wide extent of their gift territory, their giant population, and also the association of each teams of tribes at just once or another with the wealthy oases of Bannu and also the Tochi, recommend sufficiently their importance during this family of peoples.”


After the creation of West Pakistan, some Pakistani students, steered a Greek descent for the Khattaks. but from the Histories of historiographer, Herodotus, Book 3, 91.,[11] it’s clear that a tribe by the name of SattaGydae (or Sattagudai) were already settled within the space around current day Ghor in Islamic State of Afghanistan and paid as tribute coinage and materials to the Greeks after they defeated these areas:

Sattagudai and Gandarioi

“The Sattagudai and also the Gandarioi and also the Dadikai and also the Aparutai, World Health Organization were all reckon along paid one hundred seventy skills.”

Later Bellew, Caroe and alternative historians each Afghan and Western through their works known the Sattagudai with the famed Khatak & Shitak tribes. “The Pathans 55O B.C.-A.D. 1957″. Which was written St Martin’s Press news in 1958 by MacMillan. And the Company Limited”[13]

Though all Afghan desoxyribonucleic acid[72] as well as Khattak DNA has minor contributions from haplogroups a lot of common to the Greeks,[73] these ar minor enough to rule out an immediate lineage. in conjunction with works from historiographer and more moderen historians, the speculation of Khattak descent from the Greeks is groundless.[74][75]

Sir Olaf Caroe, The Pathans 550BC 1957AD:[13]

“The Afridis and Khataks lumped along as Karlanris, is control to replicate a information that they drawn a a lot of aboriginal stock, that solely later absorbed the characteristics of the invaders. In alternative words, it’s not stunning that in trying to find a example within the oldest recorded history touching on this region we have a tendency to hit on the relation of the Pakhtun.”
Though Afghan desoxyribonucleic acid has minor contributions from Greeks, Turks, Arabs & Persians, this represents the entomb marriages (albeit in minor proportions) between native Afghan Tribes and foreign invaders throughout the ages. this can be the premise for a few of the Theories although in error of Afghan descent from these peoples.

MOLDING AND consolidation
Sir Olaf Caroe, The Pathans 550BC 1957AD:[13]

“This isn’t to say that the ethnic or linguistic stock is derived through to tribes of comparable names nowadays. The case would be rather that these were sub-stratum agglomerations of individuals World Health Organization, through contact with later-comers, changed their language and were assimilated to later cultures, however maintained within the a lot of inaccessible places spare of their older inspirations to boast their original names. the speculation will a minimum of provides a starting-point to Pathan history & the stock belief within the Bani Israel.”

The Migration of the Khattak & Shetak Tribe through the history ages.

MIGRATION FROM Islamic State of Afghanistan. Earliest records show their migration from Ghazni, Ghor and Loghar and metropolis to Zhob. later on to Bannu, then north towards modern-day Kohat, Karak, Nowshera, Attock, Mianwali and at last Mardan andMalakand. .[16] A mortal author by the name of Khushal Khan Khattak(1613–1690) was once the chief of this tribe, and his contributions toPushto literature ar thought of as classic texts .[76]

His life and times ar one in all the foremost chronicled and mentioned subjects in Pashtun history, as he was active on the political, social and intellectual fora of his times and contributed considerably at every front. He was a most voluminous author, and composed no but 300 and sixty literary works, each within the Pushto and Persian languages .[77] His poetry revolves around ideas of Honour, Justice, Bravery and Nationalism and his works are translated into various languages, English and Urdu being the first ones. .[78]. The Khattaks tribe have achieved positions of influence throughout the history .[79]

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