Step-by-Step Guide How to Make Money Online with Google AdSense Ads



Step-by-Step Guide How to Make Money Online with Google AdSense Ads. In this article, you’ll know how to make money online with Google Adsense Ads. First of all, let me tell you that Making money online is one of the most popular keywords, and correctly. Finally, Everyone wants to earn – big money in some cases. This’s another Best Ways to Make Money extra money online through Google AdSense.

Step-by-Step Guide How to Make Money Online with Google AdSense Ads

Although full of Internet options, therefore Google AdSense ads the best and most definitely the most reliable. You also must make appropriate inquiries, create quality content and make an AdSense account. Finally, you must read the Step-by-Step Guide How to Make Money Online with Google AdSense Ads to learn. Because without reading the Step-by-Step Guide How to Make Money Online with Google AdSense Ads never can you learn.

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However, Information can be miss leading through the internet, and often it’s often not available in one place. So the Shakardara Media and Local News Team has set a list of frequently asked questions about Google AdSense. So, everyone should go through it if they Want to make money online? For your convenience, we also covered all the AdSense topics related to the registration, to get a payment from the registration.

Common Questions about Google AdSense Ads Earning

Therefore, Here some common questions also about Google AdSense ads. Furthermore, Also, learn how to make money online which will help you in Step-by-Step Guide How to Make Money Online with Google AdSense Ads.

What’s a Google AdSense?

Furthermore, Google AdSense is a free way to replicate your website’s traffic by displaying relevant content as well as related ads. When you’re seen or clicked on the ad, you automatically earn money.

Another, AdSense is a choice of 5 million people. In 2019. Finally, Google paid also $ 50 billion for its publishers, demonstrated the power of AdSense, because millions of advertisers compete with advertising space.

Some of the attractive features of AdSense are flexible and dependent, and as well as options

  • Choose to change the text ads function to show ads, prevent unwanted ads, and cope with the appearance of your site.
  • Another, Google Adsense is easy for mobile devices. This means that ad units can also comply with different screen sizes, so it does not matter whether your site is on mobile phones, tablets or laptops.
  • Furthermore, The main advantage is that you play an increase in your revenue by promoting ads in the context of this site. There’re many options to choose the right ad type and format. Performance indicators designed to view data and help with any adjustment.

What are the Different types of Google AdSense Accounts?

Two types of accounts offered: Business and Individual.

Furthermore, There’s no difference in the service or payment structure, however, if you have a business account or in your name, if you have an individual account, it is paid in the company.

Finally, After activating you can not change your account type. So, If you want to change your account type, you’ll need to start also with a new account.

What are Google Rules to enable Adsense on websites?

To take advantage of the benefits, to avoid any difficulty, you need to keep them in accordance with relevant policies. Because they change it from time to time.

Furthermore, This’s not a complete list, but the following rules are the most common and important that they follow the welfare account.

Clicks and impressions

Do not click on your own ads.
In order to learn more about advertising, you must follow the standard procedure to enter an ad URL in the browser.

Do not ask anyone else to press
Furthermore, The policy states that the site should not be used for any purpose or for its own purpose, to use users directly or indirectly, on third-party sites or by email emotion. Should be enhanced. The only reason they should click is not in their interests.

Ad placement

The publisher should make sure ads should be made in accordance with specific criteria, not under a misleading title, to remove interactive elements and to confuse the user with site content. In other words, users should not try to challenge tricks to force them to click on ads. Publisher with random clicks can also be reported to be an infringement.

So, If you have a website with games, ads can be kept in control so that users can not click on them. Finally, Recommended processing the minimum distance of 150 pixels between the flash player and advertisements.

Furthermore, Videos should not arrange only videos on the content interface, intermediate pages or sites, but if you use tools in a game interface with streaming video, streaming video, advertising overlay, streaming or intermediate ads, you include additional recommendations. Such as video for AdSense, AdSense for AdSense or YouTube affiliate program.

See ads

Furthermore, You must careful when purchasing and setting advertising campaigns with third parties. They should not be display in your website popup or through any application of any software.

Google Analytics

Furthermore, Google Analytics provides you with a set of analytical devices, with which you can also analyze where the most clicks were, and this information helps you improve your website’s traffic and improve your Making more complete discretion will help to make.

Content Policy

Publishers are responsible for any content on their content, even if it’s created by someone else.

Content restrictions

If content displayed by the website violates the program rules, Google ads will not appear in front of them. Limited content may be mature /mature, copyrighted or violent.

Your Content

Users expected to know from Google Webmaster Guidelines and will use some useful methods to improve their site. This should contain relevant information with relevant keywords that will be used according to the content of your content.

Avoid focusing on hidden links and texts and related content.

If you do not have an account yet, register now! This video has been sent wrong. Please try again. If you do not have an account yet, register now! It will also take appropriate action against generated materials, door pages, clean materials, and slim partner sites.
Advertising Implementation

Advertising Policy

Adsense rules set to specific advertisements because they’re not

In the popup, behind a login button, in software applications, or on Google’s duplicate sites.

Any section of the code prohibited, t. E. Change configuration, behavior, targeting or advertising delivery if Google does not allow it to.

No popups and software installed automatically

Google Pages cash is illegal. Using Google, i.e. trademarks, logos, web pages, etc., publishers are prohibited. Without Google’s permission.
The publisher should not change his home pages with popups or the user should try to install any software on their system.
Disabled Ads or Account

Google can disable ads on your site or account. To re-enable them, you must read responsive and careful email notifications.

If your ads are inactive, you should be aware of the email associated with your AdSense account. The publisher must also carefully read and respond to any requests according to the e-mail. If you receive notifications of issues, it is necessary to control the entire network of sites as per the AdSense rules.

What is the Google Adsense Partnership Standards?

First of all

You must be the site owner, and in clear technical terms, you should be able to access your HTML code. If you submit a website, you do not have the owner of your AdSense application ( that’ll not approve.


To use Google AdSense services, you must follow the rules set by Google. In case of non-compliance, Google has the right to disable ads on your site and/or disable its account. If your account is disabled, you are not eligible to participate in the AdSense program.
In some places, your site needs to be activated before six months before review. This step is to check the quality of their advertising network and protect the interests of our advertisers and current publishers.

Applicants over 18 years of applicants are described in terms, eligible.

Blogger and YouTube have different standards because they allow partner accounts to create specifications for your blog to qualify for monetization. You can connect your products to a non-hosted partner’s website, even if you are initially registered as a host partner, then once you submit the application.

What’s the most common size of AdWords Display Ads?

Advertisers can use image ads on their Google Display Network. It can help focus on 10 million Google websites and applications on your product or service.

The following are the requirements to display Google Photos.

Only GIF, JPG, PNG, SWF, and ZIP formats supported.
Maximum file size should be 150 KB.
You can choose from 20 different ad sizes, which are divided into four sizes.

Square and rectangular

200 × 200 – Small Square
240 × 400 – vertical rectangular
250 × 250 – Area
250 × 360 – Triple Wide Screen
300 x 250 rectangular rectangular
336 × 280 – Large rectangular
580 × 400 – Network

The sensor

120 × 600 – screen
160 × 600 wide-scale scanner
300 × 600 – half-page ad
300 × 1050 portrait


468 × 60 – Banner
728 × 90 – leaderboard
930 × 180 – Top banner
970 × 90 – Big Leader
970 × 250 – Billboard
980 × 120 – panorama


300 × 50 – Mobile Banner
320 × 50 – Mobile Banner
320 × 100 – Large Mobile Banner
There is no specific answer, the most common size, different sizes can be used for different purposes.

However, there are some sites listed here that are generally used in different types.

250 x 250 area
200 x 200 – small square
468 x 60 – banner
728 x 90 – leaderboard
Built-in 300 x 250 rectangular
336 x 280 – Large rectangular
120 x 600 sensor
160 x 600 wide screwer
300 x 600 – half-page ad
970 x 90 – Big Leader

How to register for the AdSense account?

Creating a Google AdSense account is easy.

Just follow these steps to Visit Here.
On the main page, click the register button now.

You now have a Google AdSense account.

Choose if you want Adsense to send you individual help and performance tips. You can change your contact settings.
Fill out contact information.

How to verify your AdSense account?

  1. Log in to your Google AdSense account that you created.
  2. Click on my ads in the left navigation bar.
  3. Then click the “App now” section in the “Add content for AdSense” section.
  4. Enter all necessary data and click “Submit Request”.
  5. Finally, create an ad unit and place the URL that is included in your AdSense application on the AdWords code that has traffic.

How to get an approved Google AdSense account?

It may be a bit difficult for Pakistani users to get an approved AdSense account. By the way, do not worry, if you follow important recommendations before submitting your application for approval, you will get the same chance to get approval as another country of the world.

Make sure you enter the following before applying for approval.

  • Buy an advanced domain for your blog
  • Add contact information and legal pages
  • 15-20 Unique and High-Quality Posts
  • Try using English as English’s primary language for your site.
  • Choose a beautiful, clean template with fast download speed and easy navigation.
  • Development of unique logo, site icons, and other copyrighted animations for your site
  • Do not fall for other advertisers; Make sure you do not have any ads on your site to approve AdSense.
  • Create unique content without copyright infringement
  • Use related social pages on your site; this reliability increases
  • By using these tips, you get more possibilities for approval, so open the Internet opportunities for the opportunity.

How to request PIN code in Google AdSense?

Follow the following steps to request Google AdSense PIN.

Settings >> Account Information >> Check Address >> Request AdSense Pin

How to verify Google AdSense a PIN without a PIN and a without PIN account?

After earning $ 10 from your AdSense account, you will receive an AdSense PIN. This will send Google to the address provided on your account through the PIN courier.

AdSense uses standard mail to send this PIN code a few days after reaching the verification threshold.

Once you’ve received your PIN:

You need to log into your Google AdSense account.
Next, click Settings, and then account information.

If you complete the above steps, your AdSense account will be verified.

Once your PIN has been generated, you must enter your account within the next four months. If you do not enter the PIN at this time, then AdSense will stop preventing this advertisement. The limit will be generated and will be sent to you for a week.

If you’ve not received your PIN, you can make a new request by “Settings” >> “Account Information “>>” Re-Send “. Make sure your billing address is correct, otherwise you will probably lose your PIN again. According to Google, there are only three attempts to request a PIN, after which Google will not give your PIN. Understand that all PINS are the same, and although you’ve received the old pin code that was sent to you, use it to verify your account soon.

If you’ve not received your PIN, Google allows you to verify your account using official documents in some cases, if the country’s postal service status is not valid. Although in some countries, authentication is possible only by a PIN.

How long does the AdSense login get to get it?

After making your PIN, it depends on your location for 4 weeks or more. If you’ve not received your PIN within four weeks, you’ll need to request a new PIN. You can do so by logging into your account and going to the Account Settings page at the Home tab…

How to track 12 AdSense Ads?

The AdSense PIN is sent to the billing address you entered in your AdSense account. This is a country post service only for your delivery. Your PIN tracking track does not have the identification number or any other way, because the country’s postal service saves the pin.

How much can I earn from AdSense?

The number depends on many factors, such as the number of people visiting the site, the type of ad that Google will show on your page, the amount of money in which the advertisers pay their ads.

To gauge an estimate, you need to see traffic and CPC or CP. There are different countries per click. In Pakistan, the average percentage is 84% ​​lower than the US average.

A complete list of CPs around the world can be dealt with here.

However, the type of ads shown on a web page can significantly increase or decrease your earnings. For example, if a good ad is, more and more people will click on this, while fewer people will click on a strange ad.

Traffic generates more revenue than the developed countries, while lower-income traffic means less income.

Apart from the CP, there are other types of rates. One of them cost a thousand rupees – per thousand impressions. Ads will pay you a fixed price without the number of clicks.

How to Improve Google Adsense Advertising?

It’s easy to keep advertising on your website, asking them a lot of questions to earn revenue from these ads. Well, there are many suggestions that can be used to get a lot of revenue. Let’s look at some good practices that can help you make a lot of money.

  • Make sure you design ads styles on the way to completing your website, the ads that are not compatible with the content of the site seem to be ugly.
  • Whenever you can do multiple ad groups, the content of the page is more than the advertisement.
  • According to Google, 720 × 90, 336 × 280, 160 × 600, and 320 × 100 mobile banner work best.
  • Make sure your content flow. Inaccurate advertising websites emphasize to remove users.
  • Use both display and text ads to maximize your revenue.
  • Do not allow users to scroll the page; This is great for place ads – CPM ads at the top of pages.

Can I make money without a website without Google Adsense?

Do not you have a website with visitors regularly? Do not worry, Google AdSense also answers the question. There are several ways to make money with AdSense without any web site.

AdSense for YouTube
All you need to do is post a video on your YouTube channel. More ideas, more likely to earn. Make sure you publish unique videos without copyright infringement, as it may result in ending your video or ending your channel.

Income Sharing Sites
Some free income terms have to publish/published by websites such as Squidoo, sheets, hubs pages and more, those users/content for those ads on the sites; as a site policy, a specialty of advertising revenue Percentage, the user will approve.

How to Buy Adsense Account?

Creating and accepting new AdSense accounts can save you, you can buy accounts, approved, and certified accounts.

It’s difficult to get accounts and can be very expensive, with the possibilities of scams that are ready to cheat you. Once you buy an AdSense account, make sure you see every small detail before you can pay the money.

Adsense not recommended to buy, because cheating is likely, and your account may be permanently blocked by Google after a while. It is difficult to find a trusted seller of trusted AdSense in Pakistan.

How to recover blocked AdSense account? How to recover the AdSense account? How to appeal to Google AdSense?

Google reserves the right to suspend or disable any AdSense account if the user violates its laws. For two reasons an AdSense account can be suspended/suspended. it is:

Invalid traffic
To restore your account for invalid traffic, you can appeal the appeal.

Political reasons

Before disconnecting your account, Google suspends finally your account with the following reasons:

Alert message

Disable Advertising Services
To track the rule of violations, you can see your “violation date” in your AdSense account. Furthermore, If the user violates the rules after the end of the suspicion, Google has the right to disable the AdSense account.

If your political reasons disabled for political reasons, you can contact Google to restore your account through filling out the form.

Furthermore, The appeal recommended once appealing, multiple appeals not accepted.

How to change the AdSense address?

Fortunately, you can change the address for payment by following the simple steps. it is:

  1. Go to settings in the left navigation bar.
  2. Payment management.
  3. Change the “Name and Address” by clicking on the Edition icon
  4. Update Address Address “Address”

How to finish the AdSense account?

It’s a very easy step to cancel your AdSense account. However, you need to understand the terms and conditions before proceeding.

Although many people complain that they were not paid for any refund in the account, due to canceling their account, it is not necessary for a refund request, or to cancel it The problem is not resolved.

Furthermore, Follow these steps to permanently delete your AdSense account.

  • Also, Go to settings
  • Account information
  • Cancel account
  • Right to get final payment
  • Define the reason for cancellation.
  • Must ready also Terms and Conditions of Google AdSense.
  • Not final payment…..
  • Minimum account accounts.
  • Verify this box that you will not be able to get outstanding balance.
  • Define the reason for cancellation.
  • Terms and Conditions Terms.
  • Account balance exceeds the limit.
  • Fix the correct issues and make sure you meet the requirements.
  • Start from the beginning

How is Google Payment Payment?

So, The most common way to get paid from Google AdSense is also a bank transfer. This’s the most reliable and also easy way to get your money, which Google also sends directly to your bank.

Furthermore, about Payment can obtain in the following ways:

  • Electronic Funds Transfer (ETF)
  • EFT (SEPA) through a payment area in euros
  • Bank transfer (Also available in Pakistan)
  • Check
  • Western union quick cash (Also available in Pakistan)
    After you’ve entered your AdSense account, to set up billing information, you must do the following steps:
  • Go to settings
  • Click on payment
  • Go to the management of payment methods
  • Go to “Add a payment method.”
  • In this section, you need to add information about your bank account. Keep in mind that the payment information cannot be entered as long as it is about $ 100.
The Google Payment Method requires the following information to set up.
  • Account holder name (Also, Your Real Name)
  • Bank Name (Habib Bank Limited)
  • SWIFT-BIC (8 or 11 characters):
  • 4 letter bank code
  • 2 letter country code
  • Letter code
  • 3 Letter Affiliate Code (Optional)
  • IBN (XX110011010000000001111111 p1)
    To receive the electronic transmission from the United States, your bank intermedial instructions can also provide:

Intermediate bank details
Intermediate SWIFT-BIC

Ideas to make money with AdSense

Now you know everything about Google AdSense, you should also think about where to start. Do not worry, we’re also here to help, and according to the end of this post, you can start working on your terms, become your own boss and make a lot of money (if it works for you ).

Furthermore, Now we’ll communicate the most reliable way to make money with Google AdSense, how to start learning how to make money online through AdSense, and detailed instructions on how to process it, Shortly.


Expressing his views, blogging has become an extremely popular way to make money online. A blog is a website that has its own experience of the author’s own authors or authors, their observations, opinions, etc. etc., and often includes photos and links to other websites described in the com dictionary.

The best part is that it is a very easy process. It does not matter if you are early, you need to keep yourself all in action with the whole process.

Furthermore, Blogging is a new segment in the online community, and more and more people are converted into movies as passionate, which they have great potential to make money. If your hobby brings you money, there is no good interest in it (I’m sure).

Although there are dozens of blogging platforms where you can become your blog for free, two most commonly used platforms include WordPress and Google Blogger.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to making your own blog (and making money by AdSense).


Furthermore, follow simple instructions below to set up your blog on Blogger.

Visit the blogger site
Click Create Your Blog

In Conclusion of Step-by-Step Guide How to Make Money Online with Google AdSense Ads

First of all, thanks for visiting the Step-by-Step Guide How to Make Money Online with Google AdSense Ads. Also, place comments if you’ve any question about Step-by-Step Guide How to Make Money Online with Google AdSense Ads. Furthermore, we also reply to each comment on a daily base. Finally, you got an idea now for how to make money Online with Google AdSense Ads.

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