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Welcome to Shakardara City Kohat District of KPK

Welcome to Shakardara City Kohat District of KPK in the Asian country. We’d like to welcome you to Shakardara. Shakar Dara is an associate administrative body called the “Union Council” of Kohat District in the Asian country. Shakar Dara could be a well-liked village in the District of Kohat. The Shakardara is one of the peace full places wherever no nonsecular war you’ll be able to see. The seventieth population belongs to the defense job of the Asian country Army, Pakistan | the Islamic Republic of Asian country | West Pakistan | Asian country | Asian nation} Air Force and Pakistan Navy.

Welcome to Shakardara city Kohat District of KPK in the Asian country

They’re a unit 2 tribe living in Shakardara and encompassing space. Saghri Khattaks tribe lives in hundred of various little Dhokhs (ڈهوک) and villages of the KPK French region. The bulk of the Saghri Khattaks tribe lives in several Shakar Dara cities and its encompassing space. The Saghri Khattak tribe lives in 50+ villages that on the point of Shakar Dara.

Shakardara Location

Shakardara City Kohat District is found in the KPK border space. Shakar Dara could be a massive village in the district of Kohat, KPK, Pakistan..100 present populations are unit Sunni Muslims. each Saghri & Bangi Khel relies upon the native Shakardara bazaar. Both tribes live like the same family. Check the location of Shakardara through Google Maps.

Bangi Khel Khattaks tribe lives in many little villages in the geographic area French region. The bulk of Bangi Khel Khattaks lives at Mianwali distract of {Punjab | Punjab geographical space, geographic area | geographical region| geographic region} French region that is incredibly on the point of an encompassing area of Shakar Dara in District Kohat, KPK French region.

However, because of is Locating the n Kohat district and close to the Karak district of KPK. You can come from Kohat, Karak, and also from Mianwali to Shakar Dar. You can easily come from an attack to enjoy a quick route.

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Welcome to the Shakardara City Kohat District of KPK

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