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Welcome to Shakar Dara town Kohat District of KPK in Pakistan

Welcome to Shakar Dara. Shakardara is an administrative unit known as “Union Council” of Kohat District in Pakistan. Shakar Dara is a popular village of District Kohat. Shakar Dara is one of the peace full place where no any religious war you can see. 70 percent population belong to defense job in Pakistan Army, Pakistan Air Force and Pakistan Navy.

Welcome to Shakar Dara town Kohat District of KPK in Pakistan

There are two tribe living in Shakar Dara and surrounding area. Saghri Khattaks tribe lives in hundred of different small Dhokhs (ڈهوک) and villages of KPK Provence. The majority of Saghri Khattaks tribe lives at many Shakar Dara town and its surrounding area. Saghri Khattak tribe lives in 50+ villages which close to Shakar Dara.

Shakar Dara is located in KPK border area. Shakar Dara is a big village in district Kohat, KPK, Pakistan..100 percent populations are Sunni Muslims. Both Saghri & Bangi Khel depend on local Shakar Dara bazaar.Both tribe lives like as same one family

Bangi Khel Khattaks tribe lives in different small villages of Punjab Provence. The majority of Bangi Khel Khattaks lives at Mianwali distract of Punjab Provence which is very close to surrounding area of Shakar Dara in District Kohat, KPK Provence

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