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What is Homeopathy or homœopathy alternative medicine system?

What is Homeopathy or homœopathy alternative medicine system? is an alternative medicine system created in 1796 by Samuel Hahnemann, based on his doctrines of such healing as, a claim that causes a symptom of a healthy illness people are better off with similar symptoms to people who are sick. Wikipedia

What is Homeopathy or homœopathy alternative medicine system

Suggested year: 1796
Claims: “Like cures like”, the increase increases the potency, illness caused by prevention
Related fields: Alternative medicine
Subsequent proponents: James Tyler Kent, Constantine Hering, Royal S. Copeland, George Vithoulkas
See also: Humorism, heroism
Founder: Samuel Hahnemann

Homeopathy or homœopathy

Homeopathy Recycling is a safe, soft and natural system that works to remove symptoms, restore yourself, and improve your overall health with your body. It is very safe to use with very little children and pets, none of the side effects of many traditional medicines are very cheap, it is born from a natural substance and is made regular by FDA. Is.

It is used to treat severe diseases such as illness, depression, autism, and cold, ear diseases, diseases, and wounds as well as chronic conditions.

Homeopathic drugs

Homeopathic drugs – known as “cure” – are made from natural sources (for example, plants, minerals), and are environmentally friendly and cruel free. Most of the cross-stores, drug stores, health food stores, homeopathic pharmacies and most of the online are available. They are also very cheap. Pregnant and nursing women, children, children, and adults, including homeopathy treatments used according to the instructions are completely safe for everyone. They are given in such a small amount that they do not make side effects.

One thing to note is that the Homeopathy word is not a common or “umbrella” term, which describes different types of treatments. Although homolactic remedies are removed from a natural substance, although Homothetics should not be confused with herbal medicines, Chinese medicine, or other medicinal medicines. This is a unique, unique treatment system.

Whatever homeopathy can learn to safely treat simple conditions at home, but a professional should cure serious or dangerous conditions of life.

How to make homeopathy medicines

The Homothetic Manufacture Manual of the United States – Homotopic medicines according to the standards and practices described in the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States (HPUS) are the drug products made by domestic pathy pharmacies. Homeopathic medicines are organized by FDA.

Homeopathic pharmacies should be in accordance with the current good manufacturing methods of the FDA. Materials used to prepare democratic drugs include plants (such as Wolf’s Ben, Deadly Nights, Daniel, or Putin), Minerals (for example, iron phosphate, arsenal oxide, or sodium chloride), or animal products ( For example, a poisonous snake number, or integer ink). There are also some heroic medicines prepared by chemical drug substance such as paceline or scluptomas.

Once a specific substance is made to make homeopathy drugs until the original substance is small. When preparing homogenous medicines from a plant, for example, the first step is to clean and plant the plant with wine and water, as set in HPUS, to make a tunic. This tutorial is lightweight and slightly lighter. This step has tended to generate medicinal growth potential. For example, a drop of a plant tractor can be mixed with 9 diameter alcohol (to get a proportion of 1:10 ratio), and then the mixture will be strong – as an engagement Known. The resulting homeopathic drug is labeled according to the number of times powerful.

Home physical medicines

For example, a substance in which 1:10 has been lost and the six times will be handled 6X will be labeled, and one part of the original substance will be placed in 1 million of elasticity. Home physical medicines are available in different diet forms and powerful proportions. More than two common dose forms are holidays and tablets, which contain liquidity from liquids and liquids.

The most common types of plants available are X (1:10 ratio), C (1: 100 ratio), and LM or twenty-five mm (1: 50,000 proportion). (Remember that 1M power is an end to only 1000C.) Like traditional medicines, homeopathic medicine can be named as a prescription or non-prescription drug. Most homeopathic medicines are non-prescribed unless they are restricted to a serious condition, or b) are made of a toxic substance and are very low in the powerful (weakness) that potentially damage the substance. Have a lot of money.

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