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Writing Paid Guest Posts for Customer Blogs and Website

Writing paid guest posts for customer blogs and website. Today, writing a blog post for a fee has become an easy task for freestyle performers on the Internet. There are many businesses that do not have time to write their own blog! In this article, I am going to share Writing paid guest posts for customer blogs and website. As blogging becomes more sophisticated, and companies learn more about it, owners discover a world of paid  guest posts. They find that the links left on guest posts on the big blog can really help their blog gain even more traffic. That why I get more and even more emails like this (some details are left to protect the perpetrators)

Writing paid guest posts for customer blogs and website

Dear Mike!

We are looking for authors who can find and write high-quality blogs with high authority in a domain that on the [ranking of websites] exceeds 40.

Authors can write on any topic with which they and the blog owner agree. We simply say that the authors include 1-2 links to medically reviewed content on [our website] (we will send links) under the article.

If the authors have a blog or a product that they want to advertise, we recommend this in the Geo section of the post.

Here are some examples of previous guest blogs: [LINKS]

  • We can pay $ 50 for each message posted, and we will require you to pay foreigners.
  • We will help you find sites with which you can contact and write, and if you are connected to other bloggers [of our topic], try to publish them.
  • Please let me know if you have any questions.
  • Many thanks for your help!

Mickey Hannah

H9wever, In the past, I have paid guest messages for clients. I will never do it again. This is a big concert confusion. It is very difficult to remove them. And more importantly, it’s hard for them to make money. Consider what these jigs are and if you want to write guest posts for clients, why not get more than 90 messages per post.

My Writing paid guest posts for customer blogs and website Story

  • I had a small business blog client who blogs for my company every week. I needed letters in a place like insurance, and I figured it out.
  • Life was good, I made at least 100 posts for them at a monthly rate. The price per hour was probably $ 30- $ 40 per hour.
  • Then they wanted to change my contract – instead of writing on their blog four times a month, I write less for them and give them guest posts in a month or two. For the same rate.
  • They gave me an initial list of sites I could target, maybe 50 of them. And I started sending emails.

Our strategy was to report on a particular industry news or the most important topics on the site. Then I turn to the target sites, give them a link to this post and ask if their CEO can post a unique guest on their topic for their site. Obviously, I don’t like the post.

It seemed to me that this was a very legitimate accessory: “Hey, we write interesting blog posts about X, that’s an example. Do you want a guest post about it? But most sites are not interested in the position of CEO of self-promotion.

It gets worse.

After getting into the first list of these 50 numbers and walking back and forth with some people, I landed at the hotel post. Oops. It’s the best marketing time for $ 100 worth of marketing! Here, my hourly rate dropped.

Later, they wanted me to find the sites we visited. I passed Alexa and pulled out a bunch of potential contenders and failed to win 20 or more, which was frustrating and lasted for a long time. However, my hourly rate was just falling off the floor.

However, In the next round, I asked them to submit a list of their goals. And I started getting an extra $ 100 for an hour of marketing to send an email to win £ 100, but it was hard to get any admission, my hourly rate was still great.

A few months later, I left the client.

It was more marketing than writing, and I prefer writing. Plus, I love projects that have been successful and it’s hard to get these guests. The element of frustration was too much for me.

The hourly rate was equivalent to the minimum wage compared to the professional salary spent marketing all the time to hunt big blogs that would take up our position.

I took a very high-paid, stable blogging group and turned it into a low-paying, time-consuming nightmare. And that’s the really shameful part.
I don’t know if you’ve read your email carefully, but there’s something immoral here. What the customer really wants is that you, as a blogger, use your relationship and reputation to access great sites. Sites respond to you. They want to publish your message under their own line … and send a note about their products or services to your link. What they don’t mean is that you have to specify which site you want to visit. They may think it’s best to keep in touch with the main site for your post … but not so.

Providing the Link

Unless the company providing the link is at the company fee, do not disclose it. It is immoral. You secretly slip into a company and simply become a neutral blogger who finds out something interesting about this company. This is wrong. If you open it, most sites are out of date. They should mention that they paid you to check any company in this post, which is weird.

In addition, some sites are busy if someone is getting paid to check any posts. In this scenario, if someone pays for reminding the company, the site owner wants to own them, not you. In summary, such a guest post is the dream of many small business blog owners, but it is unlikely to happen. Even more, if you want to do it, it is easier to make money. And it’s hard to get a decent salary.

Paid guest posts operate.

There is a good and well-paid scenario for the client to enter guest posts.

This is the best place to be and you also write paid guest post on behalf of the company. And they have a good reputation for the brand and already have an impact, which makes the sites more responsive to their posts. The tags include the link to the company, not the link to your site. In addition, the company is marketing to find opportunities, not yours.

This alleviates moral frustration and turns it into a direct guest post for the client to write to you.

However, It’ll still be difficult to maintain, but at least you don’t feel like you should take a bath after you digest it.

My advice: Keep posting your paid guest posts, especially if you have a reputation as a blogger. Also, don’t confuse your readers with who you are or what you are for. An increasing number of small businesses are looking for such deals. Make sure you know how to treat these clients to avoid rabbit holes for ethical and low pay.

Have you ever applied for a paid guest post for a client? You can Leave a comment and tell us how you did paid guest post. We have even more artickes about Writing Paid Guest Posts for Customer Blogs and Website on the web. Also, thanks for visiting article about Writing Paid Guest Posts for Customer Blogs and Website.

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