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Babysitter and Nanny interview questions Before Apply

Babysitter and Nanny interview questions Before Apply for Babysitter Jobs. There may be a problem with your nanny to take care of your children, but it should not be. When you start a conversation, you can use these questions to take care of your family.

Babysitter and Nanny interview questions Before Apply for Babysitter Jobs

Experiments and exercises
Look for an experienced guardian. Ask for a reboot, and you can first request a background review. During the interview you can also:

  1. How old are you?
  2. How old were you when you were a child of another care?
  3. Are there regular trainings for early childhood development?
  4. Are you ready for a class for additional education in childcare?
  5. Do you have Emergency CPR and First Aid?
  6. If not, will you be ready to receive lessons and first aid in the CRC?
  7. What if your baby is sick?
  8. Philosophy and thinking?
  9. Make sure my father’s philosophy is about you.
  10. Ask each candidate why he is a partner, and he loves this job. Why she prefers to work in this area and enjoy the children. (Also make sure you have pets and check them.)


  1. Why do you marry?
  2. What do you like about your business?
  3. What’s the most difficult to watch in childhood?
  4. Why are you looking for a new post?
  5. Explain your ideal family / employer.

To cope with children:

  1. What is the philosophy of childhood?
  2. What do you like about children?
  3. How to build children Can you give an example of previous activities and how to cope with it?
  4. How do you encourage your children?
  5. How do you look at the separation?
  6. What are your rules that work well in other homes?
  7. What rules should not work?
  8. If you are different from your family, do you have problems following your strategy regarding the discipline and comfort of your child?

Daily equipment:

Could you give an example of how to spend a normal day with your child? (See our daily login page.)

Logistics and wages

With regard to practical and financial issues, consider the following questions to ask the child:

  1. Do you have a live search engine?
  2. If not, where do you live and how do you work? Do you provide food or meal?
  3. Do you have a suitable seat belt and automaker?
  4. Do you have auto insurance? Have you ever been in distress?
  5. Do you smoke?
  6. Are you ready to go to bed with the baby?
  7. Do you have personal responsibility or health problems that may interfere with your normal work schedule?
  8. When do you start working?
  9. Are you ready for evening or evening work?
  10. Are you traveling with your family during the holidays or weekends?
  11. When do you want to leave the weekend?


Payments on the bed are widespread, depending on the number of hours you are and the duration of work. Perform online surveys to find out about rates in your area, and consult with other newborn mothers, and then each candidate will ask for their salaries.


Ask each candidate for a list of previous and current recommendations and ask specific questions when you call them. For example, instead of asking, she liked her grandmother, asked her what she did and where to improve. Best of all, at least two relationships.

Mutual cooperation and observation

Each candidate provides an opportunity to spend time with their children at home. Does he want to talk to your child? Your choice is ultimately the most important issue after your choice. This will give you the following questions:

  1. Are you comfortable or comfortable with your child?
  2. He was cheerful
  3. How did your child respond?
  4. Can you communicate easily and efficiently in both?
  5. When you are away from your child, do you know that your child is with him?
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