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Join Shakar Dara Media and Local News Whats App Group.  To Join Shakar Dara Media and Local News Whats App Group just click on above link  and enjoy local news updates through whatsapp, Its easy to join and also free for life time so you no need to pay for any social media marketing or for any social media marketing campaign too.

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Shakar Dara Media and Local News Whats App Group
Introduction about Joining Whatapp Group. In a Shakar Dara Media and Local News Monitoring is the process of following, listening, reading, watching,reviewing & analyzing the content of newspapers, TV and radio or any other types of Social Media. Shakar Dara Media and Local News defers across the different types of Social media which is monitored. Everyone know that  TV requires the process of both watching and listening for the analysis. This analysis is news monitoring explicitly on local newspapers.
A more subtle focus on content analysis of the two largest Pakistani local news papers like as Dawn and The International News.The content of these type local news papers are categorized into four different sections like as Social, Economic,Political news and geo strategic.  The information is gathered through all these four categories on the daily basis from the Dawn local news paper and The news and had been analyzed with the foreign policy perspective. 
Each local news category contents two news or three articles per day on the basis of their significance on the foreign policy of Pakistan country. Although the Local News international has already categories their local news on the basis of the specific topics such as business, social, political, and national but most often anoverlap of local news categories could be observed while reviewing the news.
The newspaper hascategorized the local news on the basis of journalistic skills, far from a foreign policy perspective. An economic news article could be more a Geo strategic rather than economic looking from the foreign policy perspective.

This analysis is the composition of 1000+ local news articles in four categories. The news articles have been prioritized on the basis of Political, Economic, Social and geo strategic groups starting from Dawn followed by the News international. A more detailed and subjective analysis is at the end of the news section. This news monitoring is done on online version of the both newspapers, a free service of access to news portal offered by the Dawn and the News international. This review consists three ratings; positive, negative and neutral. It does not include the photographs rating. Most importantly the issue of balanced, missing information, unsubstantial local news, are more important in this analysis. The process of data collection and analysis had been done by taking into account the significant role of foreign policy and its impacts on media and domestic affairs.

thanks for joining us
Thanks for joining Join Shakar Dara Media and Local News Whats App Group
Thanks watching and for reading Join Shakar Dara Media and Local News Whats App Group post and also thanks for joining Join Shakar Dara Media and Local News Whats App Group too.Te benifits of joining Shakar Dara Media and Local News Whats App Group is to get Local News about Saghri & Bangi Khel on your mobile on daily base without spending lot of sources on Social Media Marketing or spending for social media marketing campaign because browsing whatsapp in Pakistan is free.

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