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Which Party Will Become Prime Minister in Coming Election?

Which Party Will Become Prime Minister in Coming Election?. Which Party Will Win Next Prime Minister in Coming Election? Which Party Will Win Next Coming Election? We can know this by comments and sharing status here that Which Party Will Win Next Prime Minister in Coming Election?

We can see the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s leader stands disqualified by the country’s Supreme Court after the amazing Panama Leaks corruption probe. Moments after the verdict, Nawaz Sharif announced that he’s stepping down from the seat of the prime minister. What does the Pakistani court judgment mean for Mian Nawaz Sharif, the Sharif family & the PML-Noon? Our experts weigh in

Who will become the next prime minister?

One cannot be sure about it. It’s a very uncertain situation.

Is there anyone that the PML-N can produce as a leader?

I don’t think so because the party revolves around one person or one family. So it will be very difficult for the party to actually have a person who could keep the party united and go into the next elections.

What could be the evolution of the PML-N? Or is this the end of party as well?

That’s the problem with the PML-N. Nawaz Sharif has tried to transform the party and make it more populist but it still remains the party of the establishment. We have seen in the past that whenever under pressure, the party disintegrated and I think it could happen again.

Does the party have any chances in the next elections?

It’s doubtful because the entire family has been indicted and I think that’s the biggest blow.

Will the PTI or any other party be able to take advantage in the elections?

Imran will have the biggest advantage but basically politics will become much more fragmented now in Punjab because the battle ground is in Punjab. The rest of the country isn’t that much affected by the verdict. It will lead to a more fragmented house.

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