No Rehabilitation Programmed Exist for Drug Addicted in Pakistani Culture

No Rehabilitation centers Programmed Exist for Drug Addicted in Pakistani Culture. With latest research on rehabilitation programmed for drug addicted in Pakistan, we not can see any Drug Addicted rehabilitation center. However, in this article I’ll cover Rehabilitation Programmed for Drug Addicted in Pakistan. So if anythings you fond missing then place comments below. I’ll try to come back shortly with answer to your question about Rehabilitation Programmed for Drug Addicted in Pakistani Culture.

No Rehabilitation Programmed Exist for Drug Addicted in Pakistani Culture

Islamabad: There area unit hardly any treatment and rehabilitation centers in Pakistan publicly sector for thousands of drug addicted willing to offer up their addiction and additionally there has not any rehabilitation center programmed for them.

Data collected by ‘The News’ on world organization International Day against substance abuse. And Illicit Trafficking that falls on Gregorian calendar month twenty six once a year unconcealed. That less than three hundred drug addicts may be given restricted treatment facilities at just the once within the country. Whereas within the urban area of national capital and metropolis. Solely fourteen beds area unit offered for drug addicts publicly sector hospitals.

Drug addicts in West Pakistan

The public sector hospitals give detoxification services solely to drug addicts in West Pakistan. And not treatment and rehabilitation services. Anti-Narcotics Force although has established 3 Model Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation Centers (MATRCs) in national capital, Quetta and urban center however that can also cater to the wants of solely one hundred fifty drug addicts, with forty five beds every in centers in national capital and Quetta and sixty beds in urban center.

According to section fifty two and fifty three of management of Narcotic Substances Act 1997. Responsibility of registration and rehabilitation of drug addicts falls inside the range of the provincial governments. But the provinces have done nothing important during this regard thus far.

Drug Addicts Lecture ‘The News’ on weekday.

The geographical region government directed all public sector hospitals to allot eight beds for treatment of drug addicts and following the directives, the Institute of medicine at Benazir Bhutto Hospital has allotted ten beds for treatment of drug addicts reaching the 3 allied hospitals in city, same Head of Institute of medicine prof Dr. Asad Tamizuddin whereas lecture ‘The News’ on weekday.

He even more the institute additionally established a detoxification unit on an individual basis for drug addicts unitedly with UN agency and world organization workplace on medicine and Crime. To a query, he admitted the treatment facilities offered for drug addicts at BBH don’t seem to be spare as a result of there’s a lot of burden of patients with psychopathy.

We keep a junky in ward for 2 weeks for detoxification thanks to restricted range of beds whereas ideally, a junky ought to be unbroken in ward for one to 2 months, said Dr. Tamizuddin.

Treatment Centers

The alleged addiction treatment Rehabilitation centers established in camera sector keeps a junky in ward for per week and once he comes out, he additional} uses the medicine and it’s creating the case more direful, he said.

Apart from BBH, West Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences is that the solely hospital publicly sector during this region. That’s treatment facilities to drug addicts however that too restricted. We’ve allotted twenty per cent beds in medicine department at PIMS for treatment of drug addicts. Same Head of medicine Department at PIMS prof Dr. Rizwan whereas lecture ‘The News’ on weekday.

The PIMS medicine Department has twenty beds altogether. Four allotted for drug addicts although allocation of 4 beds is in no approach spare. But PC-1 approved for a whole drug treatment unit at PIMS, he said.

Drug Addicts is on the increase at Rehabilitation Centers

The number of drug addicts is on the increase and variety of quacks running addiction treatment centers area unit worsening the case, he said. the case will solely be improve by establishing additional treatment and rehabilitation centers publicly sector for treatment of drug addicts, same prof Rizwan.

It is vital that MATRC national capital established by ANF has solely forty five beds hospital. That also with a roll of 800 individuals at any given time and per variety of health consultants. There’s a dire have to be compelled to open additional rehabilitation centers publicly sector. A minimum of one in every district of the Pakistan country.

In Conclusion of No Rehabilitation centers Programmed

As we can see now that a lot of people in Pakistan effected due to Drug Addicted. It will great if Pakistani government have Rehabilitation centers Programmed for Drug Addicted people. Thanks for visiting article about No Rehabilitation centers Programmed Exist for Drug Addicted in Pakistani Culture. Place comments if any question about Drug Addicted in Pakistani Culture or Rehabilitation centers Programmed for Drug Addicted in Pakistan. Finally, Rehabilitation centers for Drug Addicted in Pakistan will help to develop strong and healthy nation.

NOTE: The aim of this article to make sure that we must away our kids from all Drug Addicted people. However, if we see any Drug Addicted person in local area than we inform to police so they can control. That’s responsibility of Police to control on all Drug Addicted activates. Police will bring those Drug Addicted people to Drug Addicted Rehabilitation centers in our Pakistani Culture.

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