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Pak Armed Forces Jobs Information for Joining in Pak Army, Navy and PAF

Pak Armed Forces Jobs Information for Joining in Pak Army, Navy and PAF available at Shakardara Media and Local News. In This article, I’ll try to cover what kind of Pak Armed Forces Jobs can you join and how to join Pak Armed Forces Jobs. Keep in mind that we not provide any type of Pak Armed Forces Jobs to anyone. However, here you can just get real information for how to join Pak Armed Forces Jobs. However place comments bellow article Armed Forces Jobs Information for Joining in Pak Army, Navy if any question.


Quality is of cardinal importance for the Pakistan Air Force (PAF), quality of kit. The quality of coaching and specially the standard of its men. PAF is selective in selecting the proper form of young men as pilots to fly fashionable craft. Those that are selected and with success undergo a high normal of educational and skilled coaching will foresee to a gratifying career normally Duty (Pilot) Branch. Engineers selected in PAF play a crucial role in maintaining and enhancing the operational potency of Air Force.

They lead a team of extremely trained technicians to make sure. That every one weapon systems operate to the optimum capability and potency. While not support, even a well-prepared arrange can’t be properly dead.

Well-organized supplying system

In this regard, a well-organized supplying system is basically needed within which meticulous. And industrious young men render their services. Alter use of non heritable information associated with offer and operational activities. correct and speedy data / processing could be a requirement for all management, supplying and operational plans and their regular running. Young men with talent for pc connected work will cause gratifying gratifying life because it officer within the PAF

Air Defence officer

An Air Defence officer operates subtle radars, acts because the so much seeing eyes of a combat pilot and sometimes provides the sting to come back out victorious in aerial battles. A challenge value meeting so. economical Associate in Nursingd effective administration is an intrinsic demand of combat-oriented service. Intelligent and energetic young men during this specialty are chosen.

Education officers in PAF

Education officers in PAF build a substantive contribution so as to groom and train officers to play their role effectively and with efficiency. They respond adaptively to a range of tasks, that they’re expected to perform. PAF being a posh organization , needs to manage its finance with the experience of laborious operating and scrupulous employees of the Accounts Branch.

PAF offers chance to those voters of Pakistan United Nations agency will build a positive and effective contribution within the finance management, having the aptitude to traumatize figures and details. within the interpretation of PAF law and advising on legal matters, the Legal Branch of the PAF offers cohesive and disciplined functioning. earth science officers monitor the large skies, analyze the seasonal changes and forecast the weather for the economical flying and correct combat readiness of the PAF.

Depending upon needs, Pakistan Air Force (PAF) offers 3 kinds of Commission in varied branches of the PAF within the Officers Cadre like Permanent Commission (PC), Special Purpose Short Service Commission (SPSSC) and Short Service Commission (SSC).


Officers seeking post retirement employment through the PAF should are released/retired honorably from service on completion of their such as age/service limit.

  • Officers should possess the requisite experience/qualification for the task.
  • Service seniority, skilled ability and honours and awards attained throughout service.
  • Must be below sixty years or have any compassionate reasons or medical grounds necessitating help.
  • Preference is given to those officers United Nations agency haven’t availed deputation/posting abroad throughout service.

Not assigned with any residential plot/agricultural land through Dte of Welfare.

Medical Facilities

Sports Arena

PAF Messes

Record Section (Off)


Specialist OPD Days, All PAF Hospital
Medical Facilities
The history of medical services within the militia is as recent as that of armed conflict itself. All fighting arms have arranged varied degrees of stress on the event of their medical services, counting on the character and significance of casualties sustained in their campaigns.

In recent times, choosing the proper reasonably man for the hard-to-please profession of combat flying has become critically relevant. Medical fitness for a flyer desires tight standards thanks to the uncommon stresses and strains concerned during this job. The flyer needs to be keen of eye and ear, fast in mind and nimble in body. undetected or untreated health issues in crew tend to require Associate in Nursing incomputable toll of lives and instrumentation.

The Royal Pakistan Air Force

The Royal Pakistan Air Force (RPAF) transmissible British system of medical services that comprised a board of directors at Air Headquarters, station medical review rooms, a number of flight surgeons’ facilities, atiny low hospital at Faisal, a Central Medical Board at Chaklala and a hospital with a medical coaching center at Kohat.

The employees consisted of one or two of medical officers and atiny low variety of paramedics and small by method of medical instrumentation. In spite of those meager resources, the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) medical services begined providing effective health cowl to the Air Force from the terribly start.

Medical Standards

Medical Services play a really necessary role. It starts with the task of choosing the physically work individual at the time of induction, putting in place all endeavours to stay him/her work throughout his/her career and providing all potential best care and treatment to the individual and his/her family whenever and where needed.

Medical standards ar arranged down for the choice of officers and noncommissioned personnel, varied with the necessities of the branch or the trade into that entry is wanted. Once a candidate joins the service, he or she must maintain constant degree of fitness to progress within the chosen career.

Medical Facilities of PAF Uniform Personnel

All serving uniform personnel and their families together with folks ar entitled to free treatment the least bit Military, service and PAF Hospitals throughout the country.

Medical Care of PAF’s Civilian workers and Their Families

According to the laws for Medical Service of the militia, civilian workers of the PAF also are entitled to free medical treatment. The families of workers higher than grade 5 ar allowed to possess out-patient facilities solely. though the families of civilian workers in grade one to four aren’t entitled to out-patient facilities at service hospitals, nevertheless the PAF continues to produce them with free consultation and treatment. This conjointly includes dispensation of free medicines inside the vary of accessible personal funds.

Medical Facilities to Civilian Non-Entitled Patients

Civilian non-entitled patients ar provided diagnostic & therapeutic treatment the least bit PAF Hospitals. The service charges ar terribly affordable and even but what’s being charged in civil hospitals for constant facilities provided within the open market.

PAF Hospitals and Health Care Units of PAF Hospitals at Masroor, Mushaf, Rafiqui, Mianwali, PAC Kamra, capital of Pakistan and Faisal give all fashionable diagnostic and therapeutic services to the entitled population. The medical squadrons of PAF render a large spectrum of preventive and first health-care services to the bottom population, together with infantile paralysis and infective agent immunization programmes. of these units have the bottom Sick Quarters wherever less serious medical issues ar professionally proscribed.

PAF Hospitals and Health Care Units

PAF Hospitals at Masroor, Mushaf, Rafiqui, Mianwali, PAC Kamra, capital of Pakistan and Faisal give all fashionable diagnostic and therapeutic services to the entitled population. The medical squadrons of PAF render a large spectrum of preventive and first health-care services to the bottom population, together with infantile paralysis and infective agent immunization programmer. of these units have the bottom Sick Quarters wherever less serious medical issues ar proscribed.

Flight Surgeon’s review space

Each flying base has an institution of Flight Surgeon’s review space, ordinarily referred to as technical school M I space, wherever 2-3 Flight Surgeons render comprehensive medical service to the appointed crew and also the technical workforce of the flying squadrons.

Dental Units

Dental Units altogether PAF Bases give attention services to the entitled people.

Aero Medical Institute

It was established in 1956 at PAF Base Masroor by uniting of crew teaching and analysis Centre and Medical Assistants coaching faculty. AMI PAF Masroor is that the most prestigious and also the solely institute within the country that imparts coaching in aviation medicine to the medical officers of Pak militia, PIA/CAA and also the friendly countries.

Central Medical Board

CMB was established on fifteen August 1947 at PAF Station Chaklala and shortly later on shifted to Lahore and stirred to its gift location PAF Base, Masroor in 1959. CMB PAF is to blame for Medical analysis of civilian candidates for commission in GD(P) and ground branches of PAF, Medical analysis of Army and service aviation personnel, conduct medical boards of PAF officers and airmen, medical boards needed for issue and renewal of assorted civil aviation licenses, holding of special boards entrusted by the DMS(Air).

Medical Activities in PAF

A wide spectrum of health care activities are envisaged at totally different medical installations. varied health care services are as under:

Preventive Health Care Services. kids are immunized against T.B., Polio, Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus and rubella. Officers and Airmen are immunized against TAB and TT annually. Besides all the new entrants in PAF that is cadets and recruits are immunized against hepatitis B, Anti-malarial measures in offices and residences are provided within the kind of sprays, repellents, oral tablets and screening of houses/barracks against mosquitoes, Senior medical man at the bottom conducts monthly hygienic rounds of the barracks, retailers and kitchens.

Food handlers are examined within the laboratory for infectious diseases. Safe potable is provided by chlorination and ultraviolet filtration. Screening of recently inducted clad personnel for varied diseases like liver disease `B’, liver disease `C’ and HIV is finished. throughout service, screening is undertaken within the kind of Annual medical and through boards on varied occasions.

Promotive Health Care Services

Promotive Health Care Services. shape programme like Games and Pt ar organized on day to day for clad personnel the least bit levels. Physical potency tests for clad personnel ar distributed on quarterly basis. Lectures and talks on tending, common diseases, general hygiene and sanitation ar sporadically delivered to personnel.

Family Planning

Family Planning within the PAF. PAF has been with success collaborating within the birth prevention and fruitful health programme since 1996 and a comprehensive birth prevention Project unitedly with birth prevention Association of Pakistan (FPAP) has been enforced since March, 2003. Clinical/surgical services and contraceptive provides are being provided in PAF Hospitals, MEd Sqns and Community Welfare Centers (CWCs) beneath the care of trained employees. Lectures ar given to male and feminine during this regard.

Primary Health Care Services

Primary Health Care Services. Sick report is discovered in Medical review Rooms for airmen and officers. Families of the officers and airmen report sick in Family Wings and Community Welfare Centers (CWCs). Officers, Airmen and their families report sick within the Dental Out Patient Department relating to any dental issues.

Secondary Health Care Services.

However, Secondary Health Care Services. Specialist’s consultation is wanted in difficult cases from PAF Hospitals, service Hospitals and Military Hospitals. Also, Indoor medical facilities are provided by PAF Hospitals. wherever PAF Hospitals aren’t offered. This facility is provided by Combined Military Hospitals (CMHs) and service Hospitals. Basic diagnostic facilities ar provided at Medical Squadron level, PAF hospitals and for stylish tests at Army Hospitals.

Tertiary Health Care Services

Tertiary Health Care Services. Officers, Airmen and families ar referred for advanced facilities at varied centers like militia Institute of Pathology, militia Institute of medical specialty and militia Institute of entomology etc. bound exclusive centers at Military Hospitals give special facilities to critically sick people through Pulmonology Deptt, medicine Deptt etc.

Rehabilitative Services

Rehabilitative Services. therapy Dept’s are established at Medical Squadrons level to produce facilities to the officers, airmen and their families. Artificial limbs/prosthesis ar provided by Fauji Foundation Hospitals. At Base level, tiny rehabilitation centers also are established to produce education to special kids.



The Rehabilitation of retired Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Officers, Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs) and Airmen has invariably been a matter of nice concern for the PAF. so as to accommodate the ever increasing variety of aspirants for rehabilitation and guarantee judicial choice, a Rehabilitation Cell was established in March, 1997.

However, The aim of this cell is to implement the rehabilitation policy in respect of retired officers in its true letter and spirit. A roster is maintained by this Cell per the SOD dates of retiring officers. Personnel Branch explores avenues for re-employment in Govt/Semi Govt Departments and Fauji Foundation, whereas Shaheen Foundation explores employment opportunities in camera enterprises and abroad. choice of officers relies on purpose system still as suitableness for the task.

Registration of Officers

PAF personnel greedy of seeking post retirement employment through PAF are needed to register themselves with Rehabilitation Cell Personnel Branch. The registration is formed by filling within the such as “Post Retirement Rehabilitation Bio-data Form”. Which can be obtained from Rehab Cell Per Branch AHQ capital of Pakistan.

Point System

Furthermore, In order to accord bigger transparency and balance to the Rehab Policy, a degree system has been instituted wherever weightage is given to varied factors like variety of years in commission, privileges availed throughout service, deputations, compensations and performance attained throughout the service career. choice factors are accorded some numerical values, in order that the aspirants marking most points are mechanically selected for the wring the desired rank.

However, compassionate cases even once not on prime of the list also are given due thought at the discretion of Chief of the Air employees (CAS) and Vice Chief of the Air employees (VCAS). the purpose system has been established terribly effective in higher cognitive process in majority of the cases.

Criteria for choice

The criteria for the choice of a politician against any slot is appended below :

Govt Department & Semi Govt choice is finished by the Personnel Branch. A Panel is submitted to the CAS for nomination to the involved Ministry/Deptt.

Shaheen Foundation Head workplace and its Subsidiaries Officers choice is processed by Personnel Branch. Recommendations of director Shaheen Foundation also are incorporated. Final approval is formed by Deputy Chief of the Air employees Personnel, DCAS(P) in cases of officers upto the rank of general practitioner Capt and for Air Cdres by the CAS.

JCOs & Airmen choice is processed by the Shaheen employment office. Final approval by director (MD) Shaheen Foundation.

Private Enterprises together with Foreign corporations and employment abroad choice. And nomination is processed by Shaheen employment office. HQ Shaheen Foundation for approval by the involved organization.

Period of Employment

Initially, officers are re-employed for a amount of 2 years extended by another one year. However, in some cases officers are maintained in Shaheen Foundation on the far side 03 years provided no officer with requisite qualification, expertise and social control talent is obtainable on the roster

In Conclusion of Pak Armed Forces Jobs Information

As I mentioned above that this article just provide you awareness and proper information for joining Pak Armed Forces Jobs. We Shakardara Media and Local News not can help you in apply to Pak Armed Forces Jobs, However, you can easily apply join Pak Armed Forces Jobs if you know the procedure. So, we’re here to help you in guide line for joining Pak Armed Forces Jobs. Hope now its clear that no any Armed Forces Jobs we can provide to anyone.

Furthermore, you no need to contact any jobs provider if you’ll have proper Armed Forces Jobs informations. Also proper Armed Forces Jobs information can help you in getting idea for how to join Armed Forces Jobs. Place comments bellow if you still have any question about Armed Forces Jobs information. Thanks for visiting and reading article about Armed Forces Jobs Information for Joining in Pak Army, Navy and PAF.

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