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Story of Rich Person Who couldn’t Sleep at Night Went out

Story of Rich Person Who couldn’t Sleep at Night Went out for Long Drive. Once Upon a Time, There was a very rich Person Who could Not Sleep at Night, He went out for Long Drive. He was upset due to his family problems. He tried to sleep but could not. After half an hour he went out by his new car on long drive. He was driving here and there on different roads at all night. He saw there was a Mosque (Masjid) close to road.

Story of Rich Person Who couldn’t Sleep at Night Went out for Long Drive

Rich Person went to Mosque (Masjid). He decided to pray there because  time of fajor salath was about to start. He prepared for salath and enter in mosque (masjid) where one needy person was praying prayers and crying to Almighty God (Allah). He praying God help me because tomorrow his wife required operation at hospital but he was no money to pay for operations dues at hospital.

The Rich Person who went out for long drive was thinking why he is crying  and what is his problem? The Rich Person asked questions to that needy person why are you crying here?

Needy Person answered , tomorrow is my wife operation but have no money to pay my hospital charges.

Rich person: He asked how much money do you need for operation?

Needy Person: He answered I need 10,000 rupees, which was a big money on that time for him because he was required to pay for hospital charges.

Rich Person: A rich person take his hand in his packet and give 10,000 rupees to the power person. After that the rich person was feeling very good because he helped a need person.

A needy Person: Said thanks for Almighty Allah.

Rich Person: The rich person again said take my visiting card, if any time you need any more help than come to me.

A needy Person: A needy Person Said,  I no need your visiting card. The money I was need which I have now.

Rich Person: Why you not need visiting card?

A needy Person: A needy Person said because Almighty God sent you when I need money so if I need again than I I will ask to my Almighty God again, who will send me again as he sent me now.

Actually Rich Person was problem of Insomnia so that why he could not sleep and was upset too but after when he went to mosque (masjid) there he seen a need person who was same problem but not like as Rich Person with  Insomnia. Because a need person had other problem which resolved by the rich person. Now both of them are happy and exited.

The aim of this Story of Rich Person is to educate people if we will help to some needy people may be GOD will help us in out own problems even that will related to  Insomnia or any disease. We need to help others. Thanks for reading Story of a Rich Person Who Could Not Sleep at Night Went out for Long Drive. Shakar Dara Media and Local News aso provide quality information and news to all readers. We have more article about Islam Allow Four Wives for Muslim Men to have at Same Time and many others too.

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